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A little OT: Daily girth variance

A little OT: Daily girth variance


I´ve found my girth changes all the time even from one day to another (BTW it isn´t related to PE because I´m still not doing it). Sometimes my penis gets thick and with a big head, sometimes it gets skinny and with a little deflated head.

Is this normal? What are it’s causes? Body temperature, blood pressure?

Many Thanks

I find I’m larger in the morning. I attribute this to two things. The blood requirements for the rest of my body are low after a long sleep. Men usually have frequent erections through the night and often have morning wood, which stretches things out. As the day progresses both of these things change and your flaccid penis size suffers. I think it is possible to have large flaccid late in the day too if you are very relaxed.

My bad

I´m referring to variations in erected girth.


Originally Posted by SingTheBlues
I´m referring to variations in erected girth.


Ah. I haven’t noticed that myself.

I’m 5.475-5.5 EG MS and 5.75 EG at the Base in the morning and at night I’m 5.25 EG MS and 5.625 EG at the Base, I’m wondering why this is too

When I’m being ill or taking a shower, my flaccid size is extremely small.

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