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A little guidance out here

A little guidance out here

Good night TP community,

The case goes like this:
I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been performing PE for almost 7 months. In all of this time I have always done both stretching and jelqing. At the beginning I started with 3 min stretches per direction and more less 300 jelqs. In just 2 months I was already doing 8 min stretches per direction and almost 900 jelqs. This was a very exhausting routine and and didn’t got the gains I expected ( +- 1 cm length). For this reason I bought a PE program which promised good results in short time, but the routine was basically the same I’d been doing just much less intense. Anyway, I’ve kept doing that routine (warm up+jelqs+stretches+cooldown) 4-5 days/wk, until today, but unfortunately my gains are pretty disappointing (13.6-14.5 cm in 7 months). I really don’t know what else to do. My stretches are done with retracted foreskin, and my jelqs are done with contracted PC muscles (to prevent full erection). I’m not sure if doing jelqs with contracted PC muscles affects my gains. Yet what I really need is advice from members who are experienced and can give me advise on proper technique, exercises and duration of sessions. PLEASE HELP, ITS PRETTY FRUSTRATING BEING CONSISTENT WITH ROUTINES AND GETTING NO RESULTS.
Thank you.

You have gained bout 1 cm (2/5 of a inch), right?

Yes but in 7 months! That length has been gained in some guys in just a month! I don’t expect growing like others, but I do expect seeing some progress, which I really don’t know what to do.

Lol nah jk. What are your physiological indicators man. You have to listen to your dick when its had enough stretching for me it gets all tough. Same with girth.

You have to check your bone pressed flaccid stretched length before and after a work out that’s where you see temporary gains.

If you’re shooting for girth check erect levels before, and after training.

Always check bro they say dont check untill six months, but after every workout you should have temporary gains so cement those.

Sure that’s good tip. But could someone please direct me into some more effective exercises for girth and length than my usual stretches per direction and wet jelqs ?

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