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A little guidance for a smaller guy than avg

A little guidance for a smaller guy than avg

Hi, I’ve been doing PE for around 2 and a bit months now, and I am one of those unlucky sods who has only really ever measured up to just over 4” length, and alrightish girth. So obviously this has created a great deal of hindrance in my confidence to go out there and get busy, but as a first year student, that’s exactly what I want to do, preferably well before I have to leave uni. At the moment, understandeably, my most important factor is my *erect* length.

I’ve been on a 2 days on 1 day off programme, and I’ve basically been doing the clockwork stretch, only pulling in each of the 8 directions for 30 seconds, up from 15 seconds, and doing three sets of this excersise. I’ve also been doing 300 jelqs, 3x30 secs of horse squeezes, and 50 5 sec kegals. My hanging length is a bit here and there though, and my erect length is never quite solid. I could measure up one day with a very hard boner and maybe be less than I was before, or be relaxed another and measure up higher. It seems a hard boner conracts a lot of my cock rather than expands it.

Anyway, hoping for a faster and more dramatic rate of gains, I had a shot at doing some varied directioned V stretches, starting at 30 secs each, and then going on to 2-4 minutes. It seems that the part of my cock that is not stretching as well is the side that hangs over my balls, limiting the standing height perhaps. Can anyone give me advice on what might be a good routine for my current point, and whether it’s more important to be doing my ligs or tunica atm? I’ve heard some stories of erect length not really increasing until a nice boost pops in after so many months, and yet some people seem to have instantaneous gains.

I have my distant hopes of becoming underhung to beast, but for now I’m aiming for 5.5 inches EL, and have been very focused on my PE.

Do it bro. As long as you start out over 4 inches you are already okay to begin with. Good luck on getting to 5.5! Dont over do it and dont obsess over it. I have a 5.7-6.0 inches depending on my mood and girls think im like 7 inches. Girls don’t know shit!

You’ll be alright man, but just so you know I believe lig stretches happen much faster than tunica stretches, and can be of up to a full inch if you’re lucky, so I’d focus on them first. Also, how long have you been doing this routine for?

Welcome aboard, Dozed_monkey. I know it is going to sound annoying but: you should do just the newbie routine for at least three months; adding more advanced exercises and/or enhancing intensity in the hope of faster results isn’t the way to go.

About your current length, is it BPEL or NBPEL?

My length was NBPEL, but now, I’ve accidentally had just over a week off I’ve re measured and I’ve gained just under half an inch NBPEL!! Strange, it would almost seem the gains have come after allowing myself a rest! I think I’ll stop being lazy and carry on now! =)


Originally Posted by Dozed_monkey
Strange, it would almost seem the gains have come after allowing myself a rest! I think I’ll stop being lazy and carry on now! =)

All my gains have come after taking a few days off.

Same as sta-kool here.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

Hello Dozed. Take a look at Bennett8 routine, maybe it´s time to move from newbie routines to more intense stretching routines.

If you have dedication, and seems this is your case, because you are motivated, gains for sure will come to you.

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