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A little concern

A little concern

I’m new here and I was wondering when I get the results that I desire. Do I have to keep doing the exercises? Or I can stop after that

There is some maintenance involved to cement gains, but for more information on this, I suggest you do a search, there’s a lot of info on this from the vets here. Just do a little digging and you will find all you need to know about cementing gains. Best wishes on your PE goals.

Once you have reached your goal, cut down a little on the PE and monitor your results for a month.

If you have not lost any gains cut down a little more PE the following month and record progress.

Eventually if you get down to no PE keep checking measurements each month to see if you lost any gains.

If you have then slowly up the PE, this will be your maintainance. If you still didn’t loose anything keep checking every two months, then three months etc…

Better being safe than sorry.

15/03/10 - Starting size (6.0" length x 5.0" girth) Progress Report

03/09/15 - Current size (6.5" length x 5.5" girth)

??/??/?? - Goal size (8.0" length x 6.0" girth) Syler wants a bigger dick to hurt you with!

The way I understand it, exercise makes little tears in the cells. When the cells repair themselves, they grow back bigger. Any size gains will be permanent but like the others said, some maintenance will be required to cement your gains. Once cemented though, they will stay.

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