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A little bit encouragement

A little bit encouragement - I'm back

The day before i turned 18, I started doing PE. I had read through a lot of stuff in the INTERNET, and by luck I found this site.
I started pretty intense with the jelqing. I probably did it for 40 minutes per day; I always thought more was better.

After a while i could really notice a difference in my flaccid size. Sometimes it was probably hanging 6 inches, NBEL, and for me that was big - considering I was only a little over 6 inches NBEL. My sex life changed entirely: I didn’t waste my load after a few seconds, and my EQ was unbelievable. I also grew the ability to have multi-orgasms.

The months went, and I did PE regularly, though i had a lot of breaks each month: - my motivation went up and down.

A year later i measured, and I had gotten to 7,3 BPEL and about 6.8 NBPEL. No big gains, but still good, considering how little work I had done.

Well now I’m back.
I have done PE very strictly lately, and I plan on keeping it that way, i have also gained about 0.2 inches, which gives me a 7,5 BPEL captain.

New starting stats 7,5 BPEL x 4,8 EG - my little pencil! ;)

I’m going to focus on length first, and when I get to about 8,5 BPEL I’ll start focusing on girth. I think this is enough for a 5,8” guy!


10 min warm up

10 min basic stretching

10 min jelqing

10 min V jelq

Edging for 20-30 minutes

5 min warm down.

What PE has given me:
- Confidence
- Belief
- A bigger unit


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Nice thread dude,

Keep up the work, Congratulations on your gains

El Muchacho crece sano y Fuerte :D !!! jejejeje

Originally Posted by Snalex

What PE has given me:
- Confidence
- Belief
- A bigger unit


Well said!!

Keep up the good work

Keep up the work.congrats

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