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A Little Advice

A Little Advice

Hello everyone out there this is my first post here at Thunder’s Place. I’ve spent a while lurking in the shadows and reading other posts on this forum in an attempt to learn as much as I can about the wide world of PE, and I think it is about time that I speak up and get more involved with this excellent forum.

First off I’d just like to say this forum is in a class of its own. The members here are very supportive of one another, the vast amount of PE knowledge here is unparalleled, and the posts are very well-written and formal (traits missing from almost all forms of writing on the net). I’d like to congratulate the forum creators and all the members for setting up such a great place to comfortably share all our personal PE experiences.

Anyway, down to business. I’m a pretty well-off guy as far as cocks go. Mine’s roughly 8”x4.75” BP (I’ll be sure to post a more accurate measurement soon). Even at 8” I feel the need for more. I’m a very competitive guy who always desires to be the best (or in this case biggest) at everything that I do. One day I hope to be up there with DLD and Bib.

I have known about PE for a few years now and have been doing it off-and-on (mostly off) in that time. I have never seen any results but that is almost certainly due to my utter and complete lack of dedication. I have faith that PE will work for me as it has for so many of the members here.

I am writing this post because I have a few questions for anyone on this forum who can help me out.

1. What are some of the ways that you hardcore PE’ers stay so damn dedicated?

2. Which exercises or techniques work best for you? I realize that everyone is different but a little a good input in this area could really help me out. I’m especially looking for a good way to increase girth.

3. How quickly have results appeared for you and what kind of results can be expected in the future?

In general any advice you can give me will be appreciated.

Thank you for any replies and watch out Bib and DLD because here comes bigspaghetti! (what can I say, I like to set my goals INCREDIBLY high)

Let me be the first to welcome you to the boards bigspaghetti75!

1. Staying motivated, staying motivated…well I come with all kinds of surreal crap to keep up with my routine. For example the other day I decided that my tunica had murdered my family and burnt down my farm while I was tied to a tree forced to watch at the tender age of four. Payback’s a bitch.

2. Girth, eh? They say ULI #3 and Horse440’s work well. Hanging is a gas for base girth.

3. I gained a half inch my first month and then the gains grinded to a halt. Some guys breeze along at 1/4” a month while others are lucky to gain that in three. It varies too much from guy to guy to give a definite answer. You’re just gonna have to take the plunge.

Welcome to Thunder’s bigspaghetti

1. Staying motivated is easy for me….I just love the way my wife moans when I fill her with my bigger dick :chuckle:

2. Antistar has given you some great girth exercises, but one I just can not go past is the good ole’ jelq. Performed at 50% plus erection levels, it has helped many guys increase their girth.

3. Check out my routine thread, the link is in my sig. Just think of it like this, we both joined Thunder’s in December 2003 and I have gained over 2 inches EL in that time. So..what are you waiting for mate!!
Honestly though, as Antistar says, every guy is so different in what works for them, it really is a matter of trial and error. I was just lucky in that I hit on what worked for me right away. Good Luck!

I read your routine thread Andrew69, thank you for the great advice! For some reason hanging has never appealed to me though. I think I’ll stick to your idea about the shower routine in the beginning. I’ll have to invest in some Dove soap as well since other soaps I’ve used always end up drying my dick out so bad that I almost am forced to take a break after using them for one or two weeks. Hopefully I can gain as quickly as you did.

Less is More! (good call on that one)

1. Just make it routine, just like brushing your teeth every night and morning. And when you notice the results you will notice it is hard to stop. It’s a powerful feeling to think back and know that my dick is now nearly 2 inches longer and ALOT thicker than before I started.

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