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A leaking Penis

A leaking Penis


Well this is like a recent problem, I have just noticed that when I am have a sexy chat (not particularly a sex chat) with my girl, I get an erection but somehow it ends with a drop of stain on my shorts or whatever. Well I guess either it’s a serious problem or I m over reacting, well if you guys have faced this problem then please let me know, will kegels help in any case.

Well I m not sure that PE is responsible for it, I am a newbie, but I have stopped PEing since then, but the problem persists.

Please throw some pearl of wisdom.

Dude in distress.

What is the nature of the liquid you are discharging? Clear & very slippery, bloody, or white and googy??? It is probably just precum

working its way up your penis as you get excited - it happens to every guy - so relax and ENJOY.


Well, it looks like my Semen.. And if it happens to every guy then believe me I am relaxed mate, thanks a lot for the same.


Remember the term “nocturnal emission”?
Well it’s basically the same thing except that it’s not nocturnal.
Anytime you get an erection you can have some “leakage”, especially when you’re young and full of cum. Relax mate, from your post I’d say it’s normal.

As riddick81 eluded to; if resembles anything other than pre cum or semen, like it’s bloody, nasty off color, or stinks real bad - get to a doctor fast. But I imagine you would be complaining of quite a bit more by this point.

Pre-ejaculate, also known as pre-cum, is the liquid that seeps from the tip of the penis during sexual excitement before ejaculation happens. This fluid helps coats the urethra and helps sperm move. If there are sperm in the urethra from a previous ejaculation, then pre-cum could push them through the penis before a guy actually comes. So, it’s possible for pre-cum to carry a sexually transmitted infection or cause pregnancy.

That can happen if you’re to horny, I usually masturbate more to overcome problems like these, I can’t recall I’ve experienced this myself, if I have, I have not felt it at all, but I dont cum that easily in a sex act either, girlfriend always gives up the blowjob :( .

It has happened to me in times of everly mentally stimulating myslf. I just get too caught up in the moment.

Not trying to be facetious or anything but I often wonder how old some of the people that post in the forums really are. I just really find it funny on how naïve some people are about their own body and sexuality.

Anyway gprent101 is correct and it’s normal for males to have pre-cum. It’s just a clear fluid that helps prepare the urethra for your ejaculate hence the name pre. It’s not going to kill you and your not ill in anyway your just a normal male. Again I am not trying to be mean but you have to admit that it’s sort of an odd question. :p

Hi Brisk,

I appreciate your candidness, but I believe in something, it’s better to ask if you are not sure of something, it’s better to be fool when it’s doesn’t matter rather than a looser when it matters the most.

Anyways thanks for your answer I appreciate it.


This is true especially when you are talking about your health I guess.


yup, it’s normal. I’m rather of the opinion that plenty of fluids make things more fun, but that’s me.


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