A laugh or two

Something I found while surfing through posts was the Visualiser being recommended as a fun little site, so I went and looked at it and it is pretty fun for a laugh or two. It was also a little bit of an Ego boost for me, I’ve never considered myself large in any way though from other posts such as the disillusioning ones I knew I was a little above average, there’s just something about a visual comparison that’s more eye opening then just comparing numbers.

Now that aside the number database for things like the porn stars etc. I wouldn’t put much stock in, the actual picture comparison program looks like it was slapped together rather fast and has a few problems. Making a similar program with perhaps better visuals might be a fun side project to do if I can get enough free time :D <- no promises!

Something that would be cool is if the old database got a clean up or even straight up replaced with a new one since the old one is full of false numbers (to many I have 9+ girth not likely and 1” lengths to mess with the average).
Maybe put a screen on entries though that’s not likely, if everyone had to be confirmed then way less people would bother so the average would be based on only those willing to submit pic’s therefore the average wouldn’t really be a true average, gah over-thinking this :bang: . I’m not expecting this to really happen, though I might way down the road try just gathering the data myself.

I’m a lazy person though so neither project will probably happen :D

Closing statement:
The site’s little comparison thing is fun to mess around with, I don’t know what the member features are but I’m not willing to pay to find out (yes there’s a fee to join mentioned as something like buying the mod a drink). So basically it’s worth a grin or two before you get bored with it and never look at it again :D
You might have noticed I don’t like, I don’t want to say lies so lets say, untruths it’s just who I am.

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