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A Kegel Question

A Kegel Question

The things that I’ve read on kegels are, use the muscles that stop your wee, but don’t tighten your belly or bum. Well I can do this with on problems but only if I’m squeezing light, but when I do them lightly I’m not feeling a pump or a swelling of the glans. If I try to do a stronger squeeze I feel a slight increase but my bum & belly also tighten.
I know I can stop my wee at any time for as long as I need with a light squeeze hold but is that all the strength I need to strengthen the kegels, and just keep doing that, or is a strong hold necessary to gain a strong kegel muscle.

One other question on kegels that I have is about the muscle that is used for a kegel, has it got a right and left or is it just one unit. The reason is that I’ve always felt the squeeze on the right side but if I focus I can squeeze the left as well, is this all the same muscle or am I bringing other muscles in as well, or is the left side just weak.
Cheers buggs

I have read this too. Don’t worry about it. If you have to flex other surrounding muscles it’s still going to be effective. I have been doing this for years with great results.

It is my understanding that there is no one Kegel muscle. The term Kegel comes from the name of a doctor who discovered that by exercising a group of muscles around the genitals, sexual performance is enhanced.

Just keep flexing everything. Over time, as the muscles develop, you will gain more control and be able to isolate things more easily.

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I have been doing kegels for a couple of months now and with time comes a better control. You can tighten your muscles really hard but what is important is to tire them.. Even if it takes more light contractions. The idea is to build stamina, I think.. You could think of a regular gym workout, no matter if you’re lifting a lot or not so much as long as you exhaust the muscle, it will then restore a little stronger each time.

I do it 4 times a week, 1 day I do as many as I can using quick contractions, then the next day I keep each contraction for a period of time (started with 5 seconds, now I am on 12) working through 3 series of 10 reps throughout the day, then rest a day and repeat the routine the following 2.

It is ok to make up your own routine.. You will realize you are doing it right when you feel the area tired after working on it, ironically making it harder to gain an erection. Eventually it’s gonna get harder to tire it but that’d be good news!

I would advise you to spend some time developing some mindfulness as well, so that you not only keep rock hard erections, but also have enough control not to ejaculate sooner than what you’d like. :)

Kegel exercises feature in numerous posts here (see “similar threads,” below). The original exercise involves tightening the pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle. Of greater interest to PEers (perhaps) is the bulbospongiosus muscle. With a little practice, you can learn to focus on this muscle, which gives a distinct and pleasant feeling. How to locate: with an erection, place your fingers on the sides of your penis near the pubic bone and do a Kegel.


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