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A Humble Journey

A Humble Journey

Whats up fellow PE fanatics. I have decided to make this thread in order to keep myself honest and on track. In terms of PE, I tried this a couple of years ago and actually had some length gains before getting a seriously bad thrombosed vein. By the time it had cleared up I had been put off PE. Now I am coming back, humbled by my original attempt yet still enticed by the thought of having a big weapon between the thighs.

Without further ranting and bad jokes here are my starting stats:

MEG: 4.7
NBPEL: 5.8

As you can see I’m fairly average/ I guess on the lower end of average especially for girth. My goal is an ample:

MEG: 5.5

Which I really don’t think is impossible, in fact it is smaller than some peoples starting stats which always amazes me. For me this is the ideal size, sufficiently over average to be noticeable yet not so big that it becomes impractical.

My routine will simply be: 2 days on 1 off

5 min hot wrap
20 min dry jelq
5 min hot wrap

As jelqing really does seem to be where the gains come from for the majority of people. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by Verto

and actually had some length gains before getting a seriously bad thrombosed vein.

What, specifically, caused this?

Welcome to the posting side Verto,

I’m glad you are going to take this nice and slow, as for your jelqing remember to go from about 10% intensity up to 90% intensity for the first five minutes, even though you are warmed up you want to slowly increase the force or tension on the tissue. And don’t forget your “Firegoat Rolls” at the end to stop discoloration.

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I think 20 minutes dry jelqs could be too much. Dry jelqs are very intense. I’d start with so little as 25 jelqs, I’m not kidding. Focus on the correct technique and do them at about 50-60% erections level, you should feel kinda a light aching after some hours.

Apologies I should of said I’m starting with 5 mins dry jelqing and working my way up to 20 mins. Are you suggesting 25 wet jelqs or 25 dry there?

Thanks for the welcome Behemoth and the advice!

Finally Tom this was caused by dry jelqing at 100% erection, it was incredibly painful and I didn’t fully recover for almost 2 weeks from what I can remember. I must stress though this was a full 2 years ago now, I have matured allot since then and am well aware that I may of even got off a bit lightly in terms of long term damage (everything is fine down there as of right now).

I’m going to measure length once a week on my rest day and girth maybe once a month as I’m sure that will be much slower.

Dry. As a rule of the thumb, 1 dry jelq = 5 wet jelqs.

Just finished my third routine to date, I have been doing 25 dry jelqs of around 3 second duration. I will measure this weekend however at the moment I don’t believe I’m noticing much improvement though I accept its probably too early to tell. For me the most important thing is to avoid injury this time so I’m quite happy to continue to take it nice and slow.

I have been having pretty bad EQ for the last few days however I’m not sure this is to do with my starting PE as I have decided to stop masturbating/ viewing porn as well. I’m currently around 2 weeks into this and have read that loss of libido and EQ can occur around this time.

My advice is in the beginning err on the side of doing too little too infrequently rather than going overboard.

Writing as someone with a lot of experience dealing with thrombosed veins, jelqing is much more likely to cause that issue than doing manual stretches. So go very easy on the jelqing, or maybe leave it out entirely for now.

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