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A hello and some questions.

A hello and some questions.

Hello all!

I found a forum much like this one around five years ago but after awhile there were many not so serious posts.I don’t think it was a moderated (?) forum. Anyway, I started with some simple exercises but didn’t really commit to the program and after a while I dropped it. I’m a bit above average if one are to believe the statistics so I guess I was content with my size after all. But here I am again.

Now to some questions..

Anybody knows how to get a hold of a cable clamp in Europe? I looked at some sites that sells them but they don’t deliver outside of the US..

I have a fairly tight ball sack which makes my dick hang less and that’s not really a problem for me but some times while having sex, depending on position and temperature, one of my balls kind of pop up in my groin. I can push it back no problem but I think I would like a “looser” ball sack if possible.any ideas on this?

And another thing to all of you who have stretched you ligaments. Do you have an altered angle of erection? Thing is while having sex I know that a lot of girls like it when you’re really hard and can produce a lot of pressure with your dick. If the angle becomes less rigid (not erection) doesn’t that make it harder? I think girls likes bigger ones because it will stretch them more but I’ve talked to many girls about it an they say that a really hard erection beats that extra inch.

Well that’s that.and thanks to all for a great forum!



Welcome to Thunder’s place!

In terms of stretching the ligs, most guys don’t report a change in erection angle. If anything, PE will give a harder erection for most… as long as you don’t overdo it.

Speaking of overdoing it, I can’t recommend clamping to a newbie. Too dangerous with the pressures involved. Try starting out with some manual stretching, and jelqing, then go from there. You'll need to put the time in if you want results! If you’re thinking of building a Captn’s Wench, there’s a thread on alternative supplies that you can do a search for.

I got a huge scrotum from pumping with a slightly oversized tube. It is a little unwieldy at times, but it does look impressive…


Welcome Daver and good luck with your gains.


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