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A guy looking for help.

A guy looking for help.

Hello gents, I’ve studying P.E. For quite some time dating all the way back to around my high school days which was around 5 yrs ago. I first came across what everyone had come across those times emails of Viagra, crap on the net, and of course penis enlargement pills. I was young and didn’t know what to expect so I researched around and every time I tried to find an answer of which was the best I never got the straight answer which should’ve said some to me. So I ordered a 3 month supply of the stuff and I don’t remember what was called and took it from there. I noticed more blood-flow and active erections but hardly gained at all. Last time I may’ve checked I’m 5 1/2 erect and not sure about the girth. So I’ve tried that didn’t work and after period of time I wasn’t all too impressive afterwards.

During my puberty days I started getting bad acne and not even the mighty Pro-Active could combat my testosterone. So after being on crappy meds to control that I felt really depressive during high school. Never had the courage to ask a girl out or find someone that I liked to go out with. I took Acutane which is a special perscription to combat acne and the side effects were dehydration, depression, and fucking shit. So it was pretty bad for me during those days and my sex drive is now slowly dying away. Plus I’m a virgin and I turned 21 about 5 months ago. I came across Thunder and have tried the routines however have problem sticking with one because it would show improvement then wouldn’t last as long if I’d stopped completely. I’m aware of jelqing, clamping, stretching and all. This is my first post ever cause I’m usually a private person about my sex life and status. I’m looking to improve my size of my buddy here to be better than ever so I want to tackle on some diet boosts and sexual drive.

I’ve met a girl and if I wanted to I could have her as much as I want but I get problems with arousal. Whenever we’re making out I get partially aroused but once she wants to go down I fucking lose it all together and that’s when I get anxious and nervous and poof there goes my advantage so I stop it there and she’s probably going insane cause this has happened awhile. I’m afraid that once my pants are down when she looks that she’ll be seeing a disappointment cause she’s been with two other guys and so far they’ve delivered and she wants me more than either of them. Part of me is wanting a close relationship but I don’t think that can be possible with her. I think with my long-term depression from my past and my secretive sexual status has me pretty much confused if Ill ever have sex. I talked to my family doctor and he explained to me that there isn’t a way to enhance or make a penis bigger if so it will only last awhile so it wouldn’t be permanent. He explained it’s all about technique of what you can do, it seems I’m just looking for advice and I’m thinking I might need therapy which couldn’t hurt but I’m nervous on that part. My doctor also said the three main killers of an erection is pretty much nervousness, anxiety, and guilt. So I’m basically tired of living like this and needing a hand out and help.

Welcome to the forum. :)

I’m curious if you tried to talk to her about all that’s going through your mind? The anxiety you have about not living up to her expectations, that is. It could help her understand your behaviour, and give her an opportunity to set your mind at ease. Which in turn would basically solve your dillema.

So could a brief prescription of Cialis. I’ve used Cialis for just such occasions because I have the same anxieties and it helps a great deal. Gets you over the hump, so to speak.

PE does work, despite what your doctor said. There’s even a peer-reviewed published study done in the UK showing it does. If you want it and are willing to work for it, you will gain.

And yeah, listen to Mule. He’s right. Talk to your girlfriend. If she’s a great girl she’ll be understanding and help you through this.

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You should just take it slow with this gal, the temptation is always to get the clothes off and get busy. Work at other erogenous zones around the neck, hands, feet etc. use massage techniques and work with your breathing. This will develop relaxation and strong tactile responses that will bring your body more in tune with emotional and physical responses. Do some research in the area to perfect your skills.

If you develop these relaxation and arousal skills she will not care about your size, you have average size and can satisfy her easily but do not bring out the final act until you have mastered some of the opening acts.

Saw you post and although I’m new here and can’t help you much with PE I thought I’d write and give you the advice I can. Seems to me that you have a real shot with this girl and I agree with everything that people have posted so far. Right now if I were you I would not worry to much about PE and instead focus on you feeling good about what you have and trying to build your relationship and move toward a healthy sex life. In my opinion you should use what it takes to feel comfortable (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) so that you have less to worry about the first few times. If you can get the communication open with your girl that could help you be more prepared when the time comes. 5 1/2 may not be huge but it’s pretty much around the average size so I would personally not worry about PE and instead work on your relationship with your girl. I’m sure you’ll feel better after you have some experience behind you. Tom’s post above also has some great advice.

Good luck to you and let us know how things proceed for you.

I quite agree. Well said, all of you.


And focus on her. Your body will repond on it’s own. If you kiss her, and touch her and put your attention to turning her on you’ll suddenly notice you have an erection. The idea is to lose track of yourself and make it be about her. Lose yourself in her: her smell, her body — and her responses. Her breathing will tell you if you’re doing well.

Right now you’re tense and you’re psyching yourself out. Putting your attention on her has a dual effect: takes it off yourself and relieves this tension almost automatically, and likely it’ll turn her on. Women like attention.

It’s good that you talked to us; I think it means you’re getting ready to communicate with her.

What’s the worst that could happen?

If she were to blow you off, or belittle you, she would only reveal to you that she wasn’t worth your time. If she does like you and has feelings for you she’ll likely appreciate your trust.

You know her. What do you think?

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Thank you for your posts, and taking this in gives me little better insight. Much of the things I’ve already known or have heard before. The thing of it is yeah it comes down to the performance and all is my concern and thing is she keeps coming after me everytime. I didn’t really know what to expect but whats on my mind is if I’m just going to be a third party guy cause pretty much she’s been kind of trying to get with me even when she was in a relationship with another guy and so I feel I can’t really trust her. Sucks for me is down deep I’m an emotional guy so it is a wonder if I do want to go ahead and go for her but my mind is thinking to looking for someone else which is probably the most logical approach to do but when it comes to down to logic and emotions we’re all bound by our feelings rather than instincts sometimes.

As far as that goes just for the heck of it I do feel I want to get back on the wagon of PE I know that I didnt feel like relying on the opinion of just my family doctor since he doesnt specialize in the field but I valued the opinion he gave me on my anxiety and all. I took a Human Sexuality class and looking at it all I find it all so interesting how everyone around me has had mostly a healthy sex life while I havent. So does kind of bum me out and surprisingly almost making me almost not wanting to have it.yeah a guy actually saying now that he might not want to have sex ever which is probably a crock of shit cause I dunno what I’m talking about. So anyhow back to the PE on hand I don’t want to do it just for her expectations I want to do it for myself and self image my confidence is good on the normal level but when it comes to where I want to be a scale better than normal then thats where I want to be.

So questions would be what would be a good exercise to go on because sticking to one routine wouldn’t be applicable since the body adapts to whatever exercise you do similar when in the gym. I’m wanting to make to find more ways to better my self with body and mind so throw everything you can think of at me.

These folks have already said it all, as far as PE:

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