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A good kegel routine to try

Originally Posted by rainsea

Sounds interesting! I’m gonna give it a try!

Me too!

I think this should be a must read!!!

I’ve read some different things about kegels and some say you aren’t supposed to flex your abdomen muscles at all, but I cant help but have the lower abs contract while holding the kegel. This is especially when doing reverse ones, but what I had read was referring to regular kegels.

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Originally Posted by OneHungLo


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Stumpy1's Progress Thread

Everytime I Visit Thunders, I Do 50 Kegels or More


3 weeks ago I started doing kegels. My kegel routine is making 10 sections of 30 contractions (about 1 or 2 s each) per day. I usually do it at different times of the day, not the 10 sections straight.

As a result I feel my erections longer and harder and the veins of my penis are much more prominent.

However, this thread is a must read! I think I´ll change my routine.

One more thing: - some guys say that kegels/PC contractions are very good to gain girth. Some of them say they had very good results! That´s one of the reasons I do kegels. Is it really as they say?



My husband is having a hard time holding for 5 seconds at a time and is doing Kegels quite a bit during the day. I think I will have him read this post and see about trying your routine. :) Great post, indeed!

Originally Posted by vamsi
Please post any kegel videos

Anyone got this video? :D

When doing kegels I feel like I’m holding my breath.. Is it possible to hold PC/BC without holding breath?

Originally Posted by idiotgalore1
When doing kegels I feel like I’m holding my breath.. Is it possible to hold PC/BC without holding breath?

With practice. It sounds like you’re tensing up a little too much when squeezing the kegel.

Thread bump. This is a definite must read fellas. All this time when doin kegels I’ve been flexin the bc along with my pc. I haven’t been doin them consistently but when I do do them I’ve been pretty good at holdin them for a long duration. But like someone said earlier I never felt as though I was getting anywhere. Glad I came across this thread

Thanks SS4 (super saiyan 4?) I don’t know if your still around but this routine looks perfect and well thought out. I just added it to my PE schedule and will post any benefits from following.

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How do I know if I am overworking the BC muscle? I have been doing this routine for over 6 weeks and my erections have at times been week and other times quite more solid. I just read that overworking the BC muscle can cause weaker erections.

Please note that I am not working my BC muscle to fatigue and then continuing to work it. Recently I have started doing higher quality kegels for the first 10 minutes and then finding myself having to stop 5 minutes early on the last half. Should I just keep sticking with this routine until the muscle adapts (will that happen)?

Sorry but as I don’t understand english very well I’m never sure to understand clearly the routine which is exposed on the first page. Here’s what I do, tell me please what do you think :

Since one month I try each day or one day on two 40 contracions of 10 seconds with a break of 5 seconds between each of them. It makes 20 minutes. Then 3 long contractions of 90 seconds with a break of 30 seconds between each one. What do you think please about this kind or routine?

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