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A good ADS device andor penis weights

A good ADS device andor penis weights

Is there a good home-made ADS device out there? I saw the way they did it in the tutorials but I find that strapping a belt to my leg to be very uncomfortable.

Also, I see people discussing attaching golf weights to their penis using wraps, etc, but I can’t find any information on how this is done and the pros and cons.

I am a college student so I’m constantly walking around campus. Having a belt on my leg makes me walk a little funny, and I am afraid to attach golf weights (in case I do it improperly) which might fall off. Now that would be an embarrassing moment..

Any ideas?


Horny Bastard

Are there instructions on how to attach these weights?

I cut a mouse pad into strips about an inch wide and 6 or 7 inches long. I wrap 2 strips around my dick between the last weight and the ridge of my dick head. I secure the wrap with a rubber band, which allows for some growth and shrinking. Other people use different kinds of wrap or clamp, but that works the best for me. I haven’t looked at the peweights site in a while but I thought they had an end weight or some other way of securing them.

To prevent the weights from falling out of your pants, you can tie a string to the end weight, then thread the string through the weights and tie it to a belt loop. I use a lanyard with a clip on the end, and clip the lanyard to my underwear.

Horny Bastard

I’ve tried numerous techniques with making my own ADS all failing. Either I suck at homemade crafts or they were poor designs. Now, I just use a vacuum hanger (Max-vac) with a Dakine ankle cuff to attach my two bungee cords. It is discreet, I get a great tug all day, and my glands have increased in size slightly from the pump of the hanger.

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