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A fresh start


A fresh start

About to take this pe thing for real I was just pumping 5-6 days a week about 20-60 mins a day then I got a blister on my unit so takeing a break till it heals. I was thinking why only pumping when you workout and you do the same workout every day you don’t get results because your body gets used to the workout and it no longer has an effect. Thats why every one off my workouts will be diffrent I will use jelgs / Keck’s / hangging with swing useing swim cap hanger and cock ring on at base with a semi (new thing I leant people swere by this one)/ manual streching with use of swim cap hanger / pumping / horse squzee and hanging up Iam hopeing to get in a hour at least 5 times a week and I will log in every workout.

Well hear r my stats bp soft 5 1/2 x 4 3/4 bp hard 7 1/2 x 5 3/4

Last night workout 200 jelgs and 100 under the balls jelgs some pc squeezes too

Am workout 100 jelqs / 100 under ball jelqs / 100 jelqs / 5 min dobble clap at bace / 5 min under ball clap / 20-30 jelqs

Forgot to add pc squeezes I will try to do these all the time

In an unrelated topic dose anyone know any free sites or any where to find some nsas buddies?

100 jelqs / 50 under ball jelqs / ball stretches / 20 min pump / 50 jelqs / 50 under ball jelqs More ball stretches almost 100% healed will start hanging soon :-)

Did not have much free time 100-150 jelqs and about 50 under ball jelqs

Man stretching using swim cap 20 / min hanging with swing light wight 20 min / 10 jelqing / 20 min pumping

Grammer! Sort it out before the mods do

PLus, you sound like your going way too quick. Are you seriously just starting out and going straight in with all those exercises? Your asking to get injured!

You mention about the fact your mixing things up to avoid your penis getting used to those types of strains. Well on a similar principle consider the fact that if you do too much early on then your penis builds up a resistance to this and therefore its harder to gain. Search for the thread: ‘Is starting out less better?`’ for more info on this.

Good luck man, but take it easy - you’ve already got a big cock, no good going for a bigger one if you injury it

I WILL Double my Volume! Size Doesn't matter - THIS DOES!

I use to mostly pump now iam doing it all

Man swim cap stretching/ hang up stretch/ 100jelqs /100 under ball jelqs/ 100 squeeze jelqs/ clamp two at base / under ball clamp/ topped off with some pumping

Dude who’s your dealer?

What ? For what what dealer?

30 min pump / 20 min jelq / under ball jelq and squeeze jelq

15 min man stretching with / 15 min hanging down and up with / 10 min mixed jelqs / 15 min pumping

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