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A few starter questions

A few starter questions

First of all hello and thanks for reading.

I just have a few basic questions before I start putting together a routine and apologies if they are always asked, I have tried to do my research elsewhere but would feel more comfortable getting answers from people who have experience.

I am currently 18 centemetres long and have a girth of 5.1inches, a regular smoker but trying to quit and have a healthy but large diet as I do weight training as well.

My first question is what gains can I realistically expect to make without the use of instruments (cockrings etc)? I am not after a pornstar penis but would feel comfortable if I could get my length up to 7.5inches and my girth to 6inches, is this realistic I would also like to know the maximum gains I could make.

Secondly, is there a comprehensive guide to excercises and routines in the form of one handy post I could read through?

Thirdly, are the gains I can make permanent once I stop excercises or will I have to continue this for as long as I want the length and girth to increase?

Fourthly, what gains, if any, can be made from simply quitting smoking? Does anyone here have personal experience with this?

I also slightly curve to the left, I do not mind this as most women I have slept with say it feels better than a straight penis however do I run the risk of making this curve worse with excercises.

If there isn’t a large guide for excercises can someone link me to a variety of pages which will give me all the information I need?

Thank you again for reading and I hope you can provide me with the information I am looking for.

Go easy, Hoseph.

Looks to be exactly what I’m looking for, many thanks. And sorry to be asking FAQ’s, I did do a search but didn’t come across that.

It’s at the top of the Newbie Forum in big letters. For some reason everyone misses it. :shrug:

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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