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A Few Questions.

A Few Questions.

Hey everyone I’m new to PE, and I really would like to dedicate myself to it, and really make it work. But I was hoping some people could clear a few things up for me :)

My first question is how is this for a routine:

Warm Wrap- 5 min
Streches, V-Stretch and Basic Stretches- 10 min
Wet Jelq- 15 min (around 200 jelqs)
Low Tension Streches- 5 min
Warm Wrap- 5 min

This is just my starting routine, I plan to ramp up the intensity as I progress.

My next question is how do I know my routine is effective? How should it feel after a good PE routine? I’ve noticed some burst capillaries on my glans, and it is very red after I am finished.

And my last question is how do I know how hard I’m supposed to squeeze when jelqing? Should it be a slightly uncomfortable feeling?

Thanks for everything! If these are questions that have been already answered please just say so and I shall try to direct myself towards those threads.

Thanks again :) SC45

As for your current routine, everything except the warm wrap you are (probably) overdoing.

Don’t do V-Stretches, they are a bit advanced. And you jelq 3 times too much to start with.

As for jelqing, jelqing should definitely not be at least uncomfortable. You are either griping too hard or doing the jelqs with a too big of an erection.

I myself enjoy jelqing very much (not in a sexual way, more like a good massage or a light drug).

Why not start PE with the newbie routine for a few weeks to see how it works for you?

As House said, avoid V-stretch for now and stick with the newbie routine. I find V-stretch hard even after about 5 months of PE. The burst and the redness are an indicators of overdoing.
And the jelq grip question had been asked many times before. So you can find a lot of answer by searching for it.

And if you’re not familiar with the search and the advanced search, then start here.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! is a good read to know how you’re doing.

Good luck.

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