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A Few Questions

A Few Questions

Hi all,

I have a few questions that I have to put in here because I don’t have access to the other forums.

1. I want to try and hold an erection for longer, how do I go about this?
2. I cum very easily, is there anyone who could give me tips on how not to?
3. I want to increase the length of my penis after I have successfully done my other two questions first.

Thanks and I hope someone can help.

Well, the best way to do all three would be to start the newbie routine. Here is why:

1. Jelqing is the best excercise for penis health, meaning harder and longer lasting erections. also, kegels are the best tool for erection quality
2. You can try edging. do a search on that.
3. Almost all newbies experience at least newbie gains. You will be amazed.

Hi Steve. Do some searching and reading on “multi-orgasmic”. There is lots of information here about it. Like anything else it takes training, time, and patience. Control is my primary goal as well, but there is no reason not to PW while you work towards it. Plus, as Chicken said, PE will improve the quality of your erections which should help you improve your stamina as well.

Best of luck and welcome.

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