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A few questions.

A few questions.

Hey peeps, got a few newbish questions that I’m hoping people here will be able to shed some light on.

1) I understand that if you follow the jelq technique with proper form, there is almost no risk of injury. But is there any chance of any other risks apart from injuries? Like fertility-wise, or just general use of the penis, etc. It sounds stupid, but I just want to cover all bases here.

2) I hear that Kegel exercises are a major part of the jelqing routine, but I’ve heard some pretty mixed opinions about Kegels and how they might actually induce premature ejaculation in men, and may even be harmful to the prostate. Something to do with the ‘parasympathetic’ are a few links:


What kind of frequency of doing the Kegels would count as ‘overuse’? What would someone do to avoid any kind of Kegel-induced injury?

3) Assuming that the above two are all A-ok, I’m curious about the jelq exercise itself. The gains that people make aren’t just temporary, right? As in the growth is kept and the exercise isn’t just a cheap alternative to pulling a torture-rack on your toolset? =P

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to your replies.

Peace out.

Kegels can help improve ejaculation strength and erection firmness. They don’t have to be done during jelqing, but are part of the Newbie Routine.

See this regarding Dr. Lin: Exposing Dr. Lin

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