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A few questions from a skeptic

A few questions from a skeptic

Hi, I’ve been “lurking” the forums for a while now, and I have because of share carefulness yet to actually do any PE. Thus, I have a few questions I would like to get answered before I eventually begin my quest for that one and hopefully permanent inch.

First off, let me introduce myself; I’m an Norwegian male, just turned 18 and happen to be a not-so-proud owner of a 5.5” x 5” NBPEL, searching for a permanent (In a way that I would not have to keep PE’ing for “the rest of my life”) 6-6.5”.

Now, off to the questions. I have yet to find an explanation (on a cellular level) for why jelqing would increase your size, and please, it would be lovely if you could keep the “I don’t give a shit about science, jelqing works for me anyways!” to yourselves. I could see how stretching of the tissue would result in growth, so does some of the doctors I have consulted (And the clinical study featuring “extenders” , published in BJUI back in 2009). But I fail to see how jelqing as a standalone exercise could result in any growth/remodelling of tissue, besides of course swelling, discoloration and other awesome injuries.

But seeing as there are thousands(?) of members reporting gains more than 1”, my common sense tells me this can’t just be an effect of swelling and wishful thinking. So let’s say it actually is causing growth, are there anyone out there who have reached their goal > stopped PE’ing for several years > and still maintained their growth?

On another topic, I also have some questions regarding the “ideal” penis size. From what I’ve seen, the majority seeks 8-9” x 6”, seeing as this would be the “supreme tool of pleasure”. And I must ask, is this image of perfection something you have concluded from years of experience, or is it simply your own perception of perfection, without having any noteworthy knowledge of neither female anatomy, nor for that matter, what size the opposite sex actually prefers? From my point of view, it seems like a dense belief tinted by the flawless logic of men; bigger is better. And of course, the primal self-image boost of having a huge cock. As far as I know, 7” would be “small enough” to delight the tighter ladies, yet adequate to give joy for even the “size queens”, why would you want something even larger?

PS: It has been a while since I wrote something in English, so if there are any obvious failures concerning the grammar please do correct me.

Jelqing also stretches the penis, check it out. (for me anyway)

And yeah the 8-9x6 is all about ego, we want to be in the 0-1% of men that has that size for ego reasons there’s no denying that.

On a cellular level, I think (and I’m not a doctor) that the key is cellular damage. Connective tissues (like the ligaments of the penis) and the Tunica can be permanently deformed if placed under stresses that go beyond the elastic capability of the structures involved.

In the case of ligaments, the cells (fibrocytes, fibroblasts) are actually surrounded by other material (non-cellular) such as collagen (which makes up the bulk of white-ligaments), elastin (which makes up the bulk of yellow-ligaments) and what physiologists refer to as ground-substance. Collagen is a tough, fibrous material that stretches under a load and then returns to it’s original state. However, if the strain is too great, the collagen exhibits plastic deformation, this is permanent damage and results in permanent length changes (mainly by breaking the shorter fibers, leaving only the longer ones behind intact). The strain may also burst the fibrocytes, which can be seen on microscopic (electron) pictures. The big question of course, it how much longer a ligament can be permanently made by repeated stress. It is an extremely variable result, and unfortunately no serious peer-reviewed research has been done in this area using controlled subjects. But then you can see why. Do you want your name remembered in science circles as the “penis lengthening” researcher? Science is a very very cluby profession. And scientists hate being laughed at.

In the case of the tunica, I haven’t done much research. So can’t say much about the cellular level. However, the tunica is most like your veins in terms of some of it’s structure, and smooth muscle. Deep vein thrombosis is probably the closest type of reaction to what’s happening to the tunica when it’s under heavy pressure internally (which is what happens during jelqing, clamping, etc) and DVT is a permanent increase in the diameter of the vein.

Can’t comment on the size thing, just a preference I guess. Hope that all helps!

Jelqing also helps w/girth.

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Hi BJonathan,

This is my own experience which I think is similar to you. I was 18 (3 years ago), skeptic about PE, with 5 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG, also looking for a permanent way to increase my penis size. Somehow I find thunder’s place about PE, give it a try for a year with newbie routine (warm up, stretch, jelq, warm down). I have a good gains with it.Until now, I only had red dots at first with stretch and jelq. If there is sharp pain, I just stop and rest for the day. Also, I am not very good with science, so I could not elaborate about the science of PE.

Regarding the ideal penis size topic, I think 8 x 6 or more is just male ego. For some people, if you have a big and long cock, it somehow gives you a lot of confidence and self image boost as you say before. From what I know, the length of vagina when it is fully stretched is around 5-6”, so having 7-7.5” BPEL would be enough. Why want more than that? Possible answer :Obsession, greed, aesthetically more beautiful,etc.

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Seriously though, you mentioned permanent gains. Gains are permanent. I have not done girth work in awhile and my gains have stayed. One of the major misconceptions about PE is that you have to PE for the rest of your life to maintain gains. Not at all. PEing for the rest of your life to maintain a healthy penis on the other hand would be a recommendation.

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
One of the major misconceptions about PE is that you have to PE for the rest of your life to maintain gains. Not at all.

In my opinion it is true of “Vacuum Pumping” that you do not really get permanent gains. You need to continue “maintenance pumping” for as long as you wish to keep any gains. That is not permanent in my book!

No, "mch" does not stand for "my cock's huger!"

... although it may do in the foreseeable future! :D

There is no ultimate theory for penis growth, just more or less speculative theories. A hint for the action mechanism of jelqing is the effect of temporarily increased pressure inside the chambers of the CC. In time, this could translate into permanent deformation of the tissue, leading to increased volume that can be filled with blood. One could say this triggers some internal tissue growing, to address the stimulus from the jelqing (increased pressure). Even if you don’t admit to be tissue growing, the enlargement of the chambers cannot be denied, so there is at least one valid growing mechanism…

If you have the patience to read all the debate on the “ideal” penis size on this site, you’ll be ready to write a 9 volume compendium on this matter :) . No, not all of us want a 9x6 tool, but most of us admit we are doing this for ego. Satisfying the ladies has not that much to do with the size. Some (maybe you also) have size related insecurities which can be addressed by doing PE. Insecurity can hit anybody, no matter his previous size!

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The best site I have seen for work on connective tissue and its study is

Many people think of fibrous tissues as purely fibres, but there are cells. Take a look at elastoblasts, which are the cells of elastin. The best way to look at this tissue is lots of spiders with their legs touching forming a multilayered latice where the bodies are the cells and the legs are the fibres. When you pull on the tissue regularly the cells are stimulated to divide and therefore accommodate this regular stretch. This is what happens throughout the body, and thats what I assume happens with the tunica, its just connective tissue. Everything in your body is produced by or made up of cells. Viruses play a part, but that is another discussion.

I don’t give a shit about science, jelqing works for me anyways!


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