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A few questions from a complete newbie

A few questions from a complete newbie

Hi! I have a few questions. I apologize if these have already been asked, or if the info is easily accessible on these boards.

1. How much is it possible to gain from the free exercises? I know my length is about 7 inches, I don’t know about my girth.

2. Which technique should I use, and how, to get the most out of my exercise?

3. Any extra pointers for me?

1. It is possible to gain… maybe in the inches, maybe not… but you can gain all you can possibly gain from the free exercises

2. The newbie routine is for you. To get the best out of them. Do them consistently.

3. Contribute to the forum and it will reward you.

At the top of the newbie forum are links to the newbie routine.

Best tips, be regular and consistent, it is easy to think more means more, but in many cases, over doing things (especially at the start), leads to injury.

Before starting, take accurate measurements, and always use the same technique to measure. This will ensure that any gains measured are true, and not down to inaccurate measurements.

Read the how to search post, it is linked in my signature. Read as much as you can from the library of information available here, best to search and read about jelqing and stretching techniques for starters. Learn about the application of heat (many recommend it), and search for firegoat rolls. Some like to cool down as well.

Oh, and welcome, nice first post.

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1. There is an understandable variation among PE-ers regarding gains. At the extreme there are those who don’t gain at all and a few with +2 inch length and 1” girth.

From my personal experience and a lot of reading of the forum, it is reasonable to gain 1” length and 0.5” girth in one year with consistent exercising. After the first year, gaining rate drops.

2. The same suggestion: the newbie routine.

3. Read the Forum for your benefit. It gives you the good and bad experiences of thousands of people.

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