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A few Questions and Problems with EQ

A few Questions and Problems with EQ

Hey guys! I’m new, I need to ask a few questions and get some points of view and advice. Ok so I know how to Kegel and do it fairly often (usually when I’m peeing I start and stop a few times) and only thing I’ve noticed is I’m able to ejaculate across the room (Literally). But when I get an erection it’s never very stiff. I can do a Kegel and hold it and that’s where my erection should be without doing a kegel. My erection angle is 3 o’clock (straight out) so when my erection isn’t stiff on it’s own, it points at the floor (unless I do a kegel and hold it up). What am I missing here to fix this? Also is there any exercise I can do that’s proved that I can increase my erection angle to a angle between 1 and 2 o’clock position? A higher angle just looks far more attractive to me.

Hi wrexdout!!


I guess you should try add up supplements in your routine to boost EQ. I had the same problem check it out the supplements I’m using Top combination of Supplements for Men

Anyone have anything else?

Well I don’t know if there is a way to make the angle of your erection change, you can fix curves but I don’t know about angle. I guess just keep doing kegels and a regular routine and I would say eventually your erection quality with get better, because I’m definitely harder and mine is almost completely straight out. So good luck

Thanks guys, I have always went to sleep on my stomach with my erection facing up towards my belly button. Recently when I do this I’ve been kegeling against the bed and my stomach and it doesn’t seem to be helping anything. Should I be doing kegels the other way meaning having resistance and lifting up? I keep hearing of guys putting a towel on their erection and lifting it up but I didn’t think this would do anything for me. I also read on another site that when soft stretch your penis outward and push down and out at the base on top. And when hard to grasp around the shaft at the base and push down firmly and release and do this 20-30 times. All of this done with proper warm up of coarse. Anyone ever hear of this exercise?

Both towel raises and that other exercise would help but you have to be at least at a 50% angle to hold the towel. So you can get a wife beater T shirt and hand the sleeve off your shlong and try to lift that. Do as many as you can. Also Ginkgo Biloba helps with building better erections to.

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