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A few questions about the jelqing grip

A few questions about the jelqing grip

Does the amount of pressure you apply in your grip effect your session?

How much pressure is too much pressure?

Originally Posted by trojanj6
Does the amount of pressure you apply in your grip effect your session?

How much pressure is too much pressure?

If it hurts it is to much.

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Enough pressure to trap blood in your penis and be able to move it around.

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Typically if your hand is getting tired, that’s a good indication that your grip is too hard.

Is it difficult to find the correct way to jelq. Mainly pressure to be used? How can you tell if your doing it properly. I’ve watched the videos and read and re-read the instructions and I get concerned that I’m not doing it properly although I can tell I feel bigger in my hand.

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You want enough pressure to push the semi erect penis in a bit on each side, so the blood can stay trapped and move towards the glans. You do not want to squeeze so hard as to hurt yourself. Usually the strength of my jelq grip is moderate in intensity. Grip a raw egg and intensify your grip strength until the point right before the shell cracks. That’s pretty close to what I jelq at.

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Start out gently EVERY time and after a bit try gripping a little tighter:) .

If you feel just a slight pain then stop and take a break.:)

Sometimes I’ll work it through a little bit of pain myself….

Oh and I think that EVERY time one tries to jelq a little harder there will be a wee bit of pain during and after that session.

But it’s ok!:) ,Whenever that’s happened with me it always feels better the next day and I can jelq just as hard with no pain at all.:)

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