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A few questions about head girth

A few questions about head girth

Hi, I haven’t started PE yet, and I have a question:
My mid shaft girth is 5.5 inches, but it gets very thin compared to the mid shaft and it feels and looks weird, my head girth is 4.5 inches.
1. Does the size of the head matters that much?
2. Is it possible to gain 1 inch at girth? (Especially at the head, but some mid shaft and base gains won’t hurt) I heard 1 inch is tough but what about concentrating at one place?
3. Anyone who managed to get some decent girth gains, how long did it take you?


Sadsak Head Exercises are good for gaining glans size apparently. Not for newbies.

At 5.5 you have excellent girth. Congratulations!

You are not the only one who has a penis that tapers. Many guys are built that way.

This can be a good thing, as Lampwick writes: Lampwick - Can pumping “even out” girth?

Originally Posted by Lampwick
Your penile girth is like mine - it tapers from the base to the glans. [T]here are advantages to having a slightly tapering girth distribution. You enjoy easier insertion, and it is easy to modulate how much girth you’re delivering by how deep you go.

Well guess what. I’m 4.5 at the head, 5 mid shaft, 5.5 base .

I have a similar build, and doing the newbie routine, then slowly building up to some hand clamping and ULIs and sadsak techniques as well as doing more dry jelqing I’m definitely seeing improvements in head size, though I haven’t been measuring it specifically.

Just be patient and do the newbie routine consistently and I think you’ll be pleased at the result.

Starting size: 6.0" BPEL, 5.0" MSEG, 6.75" BPFSL(11/2009)

Current size: 7.125" BPEL, 5.9" MSEG, 6.1" BG, (12/15/2010) (Pic Thread)

Goal: 7.25" BPEL, 6.25'' MSEG

Thanks, you guys give me hope!

I thought my build was rare but apparently I was wrong.

More comments are still appreciated.

At 5.5 girth you’re already quite big. You might want to consider how an extra inch is going to work for your partner. Welcome to the forum, start with the newbie routine, and good luck.

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