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A few questions about ball stretching

A few questions about ball stretching

I’ve read the many threads about ball stretching, but here’s a few questions I still haven’t found answer:

1. Using a variable width stretcher (such as an adjustable leather band), when tight is TOO tight? Testicles are delicate, and the last thing everyone would ever want of course is to cut off the blood flow.
Do they hurt when the loop is too tight?

2. Is it common to wear ball strecher devices (rings or weights) 24/7 for long period of time, nights included?

3. Someone says the simple stretch effect is more important than weight, so wide leather stretcher are more effective than heavy metal weights.
I’d be more interested in the latter, but since for job I spend most of my time sit I’m also concerned that weights could be poorly helpful.

1. Rather than hurting I think the signs of the stretcher being too tight would be darkness and feeling cool to the touch. If your balls are purple and cold, then the stretcher is too tight.

2. I’ve heard of guys wearing weights to bed, but wonder how much tension they can get when they aren’t standing. If the weight is loose enough not to constrict, then they probably could be worn for extended periods. If the stretcher is constrictive (see #1), then no, not at night when you cannot monitor their effect on your balls.

3. To be effective weights have to be pulled down by gravity. If it’s sitting on the chair between your legs and not pulling on your testicles, then it isn’t doing its job. In your case the leather stretcher, or a daily manual stretching session, would probably be better.

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