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A few newbie suggestions...

A few newbie suggestions...

Hello folks, I’m an almost one-monther, and I’ve recently done two things that have helped out my PEing a lot. These are things that I have read before but for some reason have neglected to do. Feel free to add your own!

1. Trim or shave your pubic hair!!!
For the first 2 weeks, I noticed that my jelqing strokes were fairy uneven and not smooth at all near the base of my penis. I was also pulling on my sack a lot, which I was afraid, would cause turkey neck. A few days ago, I decided to trim my pubic hair (especially the hairs on the shaft) and realized that jelqing is twice easier and better! The strokes are much smoother, there is less irritation, and I am able to generally get a much firmer grip.

2. Use an aid such as toilet paper or gloves for stretching!
I felt like I was putting way too much pressure on my glans when stretching and it just didn’t feel right. I know this is said very frequently, but for those who have not tried it, use toilet paper! It adds more friction and takes pressure off the glans!

3. If you are just starting out, only jelq without stretching for a week or two. Personally, I only jelqed for two weeks, and this was great because I was able to modify my jelqing technique based on soreness, pain, positive PI, etc. which I could attribute solely to jelqing. Once you have the jelqing down, start stretching, and any difference of feeling can be attributed to stretching without having to guess what caused it.

Your turn!

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Hi !,

1 ) Already done long ago

2 ) Not quite sure, would like to have other opinions. It seems to me that if you have a better grip on the skin, it will mainly stretch the skin. And we want to stretch mainly what is UNDER the skin, don’t we ?

3 ) This is what I have done, yet without aiming this in particular.

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I agree completely with the point number two. I would recommend using a piece of cotton or micro-fibre fabric instead, though. It irritates skin less in the long run. I started with toilet paper and always ended up red and raw after a week or so. Some very soft leather strips also work great. I found that some stuff especially that you use for shining your car is great for this.


You are right about that, but skin is always there in between your grip and the tissues you want to grasp. Less slippery you can make it, easier maintaining the grip becomes. The lack of friction between your skin and the tissues will remain the same, but keeping the grip there will become easier.

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