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A few newbie questions.....

A few newbie questions.....

Hi guys, I’m a newbie and have some questions.

After a good jelq session my penis is often fairly tender, usually with red spotting and occasional bruises to show for it. I would like to jelq every day since it appears for me this is the most effective exercise, but I’m just too sore the following day to jelq again. To accomodate this I jelq every other day, doing 30 min of manual stretches (up, right, left, down, as well as v and inverted v-stretches) on the non-jelq days. I know when exercising a muscle you need adequate rest time and this is when the growth occurs, but what about when you’re stretching a tissue/ligament? Do you really need rest time or would an increased frequency (say 1 session in the morning and another at night) yield better results (for the JUST stretching days)?

I also have a LOT related question. I have a relatively high erection angle (around 45 degrees or 10:30 on the LOT scale), but a low LOT (around 7:30). So going by the LOT theory this means I will NOT benefit fully from low angle (downward) stretching/hanging? Natural instinct tells me that because I have very tight ligs I would benefit more by downward stretching to pull those ligs out. Could someone clear this up for me?

Thanks in advance!


I am also a newbie, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. I’ve read a lot of stuff on this site and found rest to be very important, especially when starting out, and more especially if you’re still getting red spots and other battle damage. I remember reading somewhere that we create microtears and need adequate rest to let the body repair them and add more cock to the dick—if you just continue beating down your wang you may very well end up with nothing but a beaten down wang. So rest, and red spots and brusing are usually taken as overdoing it, certainly not underdoing it.

As for the LOT stuff, I shrug.

I’m only 10 weeks into PE myself, so take this for what it’s worth. It sounds to me like you’re over-doing it. It’s a common newbie thing. I did it, too, and ended up taking 10 days off starting on week 3.

LOT? Technically you may be right about stretching & hanging low, but I think the collective wisdom is that as a newbie you may still get some gains from doing that. Someone will correct me, I’m sure. :)


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Hi ucfmatt, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Good idea on switching to alternation jelq/stretch days. I used this same strategy when I first started and it seemed to lend itself to more tolerance.

Yes, rest is very important, even for ligaments. However, there is another way. Have you thought about using an ADS or traction wrap device? They are great for keeping your dick in a stretched to semi-stretched state while the healing process occurs. I attribute a large portion of my gains to wearing a traction wrap device, especially in the flaccid state. Do a search, check it out, try it. You might just like it.

As far as your LOT and which angle to stretch at: yes, stick with BTC (between the cheeks) and SD (straight down) until you have completely exhausted all potential lig gains. Save upward angles and tunica work for later on down the road in case you ever hit your maximum lig stretch.

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