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A few newbie queries

A few newbie queries

Hey guys I’m hoping you can help me with a few things

Exercises: 2 on and 1 off,

Warm up 5-10 min hot shower
150 wet jelq’s
50-100 kegels
5 min shower warmdown
* Sometimes edge after workout too

1. I have found that after my session I turtle. I thought side effects of jelqing was a longer flaccid post workout. Also I found that my EQ if I edge (after my workout) after is poor. Am I putting too much strain on my penis through the workout or are these side effects the result of a good session.

2. I have been jelqing for about 3 weeks now and I don’t know if it’s my head thats playing with me but I’m starting to notice my shaft pointing downwards more. I’m uncircumcised and think that when I pull my foreskin down my shaft appears to be pointing a bit more downwards than usual. Could this be due to bad jelqing?

3. How do you keep a constant erection level when jelqing. Should I jelq to porn to do this to keep me aroused? I feel like I have to pause too much to get my penis to a 80% level and I feel by stopping so much I am not getting a good enough workout?

Thanks so much in advance

P.s. Any thoughts on my routine for a beginner. I haven’t included any stretches for now.

The best way to find out if affects you is to try a more mild routine. Cut the number of jelqs down to about ¾ of your present number and see if that cures the problem . If not carry on testing with fewer jeqs . It just maybe yu are doing too many jelqs.

Also try a bit of stretching as well, again using say half the recommended Newbie stretches and see if that helps. Experiment on those lines.

And try to find a happy medium (I know I shall regret saying that :)

Don’t worry too much about the lack of erection Agan you may be overdoing thigs slightly and your penis is reacting to that.

See how thigs go and come back to us again if you need more help.


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