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A few general questions

A few general questions

I’m probably around 6.5-7 inches BPEL and 5.2” girth (yeah mixed units, so what) so while I’m happy with my size I’d like to fine tune it, in particular get to the point where the girlfriend can’t reach around with her hand. Length I guess just see how it goes, I’d like to be 7-7.5” without having to press. I’m not fussed about being more than 7.5, so let’s say target is an inch on both length and girth. My LOT is around 7-8.

So I’ve been doing the newbie routine (sort of) for a few weeks on and off and I’m hoping to finally get the chance to really keep it consistent. I’m comfortably doing 400 Jelqs, 100 with palm on top and 100 with the palm underneath (if that makes sense) and then repeat. The first 200 are ‘medium’ and the second 200 I find I can be more forceful as things have loosened up a bit.

I’ve never really gotten the hang of stretching though, where is the best place to grab? Even with talc my foreskin tends to want to naturally go over the glans and drag my fingers with it.

My current warmup has been in the shower, heat on fairly high and just directed at my penis for a few minutes. Warmdown is more or less the same. This seems to be fine and I’ve not had any bad PIs yet.

1. How often is it good to do measurements? I took before photos and measurements a while ago, but I was wondering whether it’s better to check on a monthly basis or weekly basis or even a daily basis and watch the average lengths change (hopefully!)? Obviously longer periods should equal longer gains so there’s more ‘shock factor’

And on that note, anyone got tips for photographing? It’s a real pain in the arse to do it with a ruler. My penis sticks up, rather than out and it’s got a fairly obvious curve (hits the spot, so I’m told). This means that I’ve got to hold it down with one hand and somehow snap with the other - all before the thing naturally starts to contract without any stimulation.

2. One thing I’m considering doing, as an aside, is finding out once and for all what effect not masturbating has on semen volume. In particular, how much ejaculate can one expect to produce based on the time between orgasms. I’m envisioning starting off at one orgasm per day, with a 30-45 minute edging period (with porn or whatever) and, well, aiming into a measuring cup. If anybody’s interested I’d gladly post the results.

3. What are some good exercise to reduce the curvature? At the moment it’s not an issue, but I’d like it if it were a bit less.

With regard to manual stretching, while sitting down, I do a palm down stretch with my pinky grasping under the crown of my head (frenulum area) with my thumb towards the shaft and stretch out. All fingers are grasping however my pinky always has the firmest (comfortable) grip. I then take my other hand (palm down) and come up from underneath and grab the wrist of the stretching hand so that the underside of my shaft is resting in the crook of my non stretching wrist. It should look like a ‘4’ when using your left hand to stretch and your right hand underneath as leverage. This gives really good leverage and is very comfortable. Move your stretching hand and not stretching wrist to get more tension or away from your body for different angles. Change hands when it suits.

I don’t know if anybody else does this. If not, I dub it from this day on as the ‘CB Figure 4 Stretch’

Keep in mind that at first it might be difficult to keep a good grip but eventually your dick and hands will be conditioned enough so that you won’t need talc and will do it quite naturally.

Measurements (and photos) are very important especially when you go back a year or two from now to see your progress. Do a search on proper BPEL measuring and log it in. Make accurate and honest records. Not saying this is the case but the point here is about how much you gain not how big you are to begin with. Measure every two weeks instead of every day. You’ll be happier because any results will be obvious. I believe that if you measure every day, you are more susceptible to be discouraged and say this all bullshit because the gains may be miniscule and you may possibly see a loss as well. It’s like seeing your puppy grow. If you see him every day you don’t notice him getting bigger as much as your friend who only sees him every two weeks does.

One thing I did was set a long term goal instead of a short term and gave myself a year to gain an inch. I did it within the year but I was much happier with that result than having only given myself a month or two and not achieving it. Slow and steady wins this race.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

10/07: BPEL: 7.5" EG: 5.5" Now:BPEL: 8.5" EG: 5.6" Mid Girth Goal: BPEL: 8.5" EG: 6" Early Pics Latest Pics

I heard people using rubber gloves to hold a stretch. Forget the LOT theory, its a theory for a reason (from what I have been told and noticed in my gains)

Measure every week, but don’t expect weekly gains, a lot of people see “over night gains” but that’s after weeks of exercising. On that note get serious about your exercises, time in and determination will get you the desired goals. Also, focus on length first, its harder to stretch a thick elastic than it is to stretch a thin one.

Use a camera, the shower curtain pole, and an elastic (or other type of fastening item. And a timer. That way you aren’t using two hands. And then hang the camera on the pole and set the timer for two seconds. Just a suggestion.

I have no idea about the semen part. However, the less you masturbate the more blood in in your unit, the more blood the more gains.

Also don’t try to fix and curves, that type of stretching isn’t as effective at regular jelqing, when you jelq to a side its an uneven stretch and not effective. I also have a curve and have been suggested to take Vitamine E suppliments, furthermore use bio-oil or vitamine e oil when you jelq, and use another lube to make the vit e oil spread better.

Happy PE-ing

Nov 2011 BPEL 6 MSEG 4.5 CI 9.67 Mar 2012 BPEL 6.75 MSEG 4.75 CI 12.12

Short Term Goal BPEL 7 MSEG 5. Medium Term Goal BPEL 7.25 MSEG 5. Long Term Goal BPEL 8 MSEG 6

"Best way to eat an Elephant is one bite at a time"

Thanks, I tried your stretch method - seems to work pretty well! I dunno why, I just assumed you had to grip right behind the head.

I made sure I took a photo a couple of months ago, right at the start, but I’ve been very inconsistent so I doubt anything’s changed. I tried to make the measurements as generous as possible too, just to be sure.

It’s a very definite upward curve, not sideways, it’s actually pretty beneficial sex-wise I’d just like it to be a bit less. Hence why I wondered whether jelqing under or overhand would make much difference. I’ll try the vitamin E suggestion perhaps, the tablets are cheap!

As for routine, I’ve found a hot shower is the best motivation because I can then do all the jelqing before I get out. Thus it’s a situation I’m in every day!

Interesting about the masturbation, there seems to be a divided opinion on that one. Surely masturbation, at least sometimes, is good because you’re getting erections and stimulating the tissue? Edging would probably be best in that case. But how else do you check that your BC exercises are working? ;)

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