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A fabulous warm-up technique


Originally Posted by Sixer9
If there could only be a way to leave the balls out.

Take a cup that fits your dick, sit on the toilet, put dick in cup, leave balls out, enjoy. It is so easy I can’t actually believe that this could be a problem for anybody.

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I have read up that too much hot water contact on testicles can inhibit testosterone production. I don’t know if its true but it makes some sense to me.

Originally Posted by vkn1

Aren’t testicles just as safe in high temperatures as the rest of the body? I’ve never heard that hot tubs are bad for your testicles. Yes elevated temperatures kill sperm. But they don’t kill testicles. If you’re not trying to get someone pregnant then why would sperm count matter?

This. Hot water kills sperm NOT testicles. They’ll make more.

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
No. A seal is necessary to keep too much heat from escaping.

Then why not using a metal pot over a flame, just to be sure?

Come on guys, let’s not boil the eggs just for the sake of PE.

Originally Posted by quickbeam1213

This. Hot water kills sperm NOT testicles. They’ll make more.

Then I guess evolution placed testicles on the outside just to be sure that every woman can kick us right there.

Do you want to do use hot water to warm up?

This is how (given that you have a pump):

1- Take off the hose from the cylinder.
2- Fill the cylinder with hot water and seal the hose hole with your finger so that water does not spill.
3- While the hose hole of the cylinder is pointing the floor, insert your flaccid penis into the pump.
4- Overturn the cylinder to your pelvic and push down a bit (now the hose hole should be pointing the ceiling).

Now you can enjoy “balls-safe hot water warm up”.

Also, at this point, you can connect the hose and start water pumping if you wish (as long as the water level in the cylinder is no more than 3”). :p

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Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

“No. A seal is necessary to keep too much heat from escaping.”

I can get a seal with testicles outside. Balls down, rim of cup in the middle, cock above, push it in. Just like with a penis pump cylinder mentioned above.

Currently: BPEL=6.4" NBPEL=5.6" MSEG=4.8"


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