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A Discovery I made while

A Discovery I made while

Well some of you prolly already have experienced this…

so I was hangin’ as usual and I’m feelin’ the hardest pull in my left lig,my dick is curved to the left,since I guess my left lig must be shorter than the right one,so I was walkin’ around and I put my right leg on my couch while keepin’ the other leg on the ground and damn I felt a hell of a stretch,so I decided to put my left leg on the couch and let my right leg support me and then my I felt a stretch that was a superstretch,I couldn’t continue for long,since I started experiencin’ a bit pain….

Well if any of you guys have a curved dick and hang then I suggest you try this,just put the leg to wich side your dick is curved on to a chair,couch or something while hangin’,I guarantee you’ll feel one heck of a stretch

By the way,when can I post in Main Member forum

>By the way,when can I post in Main Member forum
In 8 posts time but try and keep any newbie stuff in this forum.

Yeah a fair amount has been posted on differing body poses and how they interact with stretching. If you can formalise your thoughts on this I’m sure a lot of members would be interested.

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