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A Deep Throbbing After Manual Stretching

A Deep Throbbing After Manual Stretching

I’m fairly familiar with all of the PE exercises, but I’ve never actually done them. Then I started doing manual stretches in the shower.

I’d warm up, of course, and then do stretches for about fifteen seconds in each direction. I felt fine- no pain.

After a few days of doing these stretches, I started to feel a deep throbbing near the base of my penis. Nothing extreme, but just enough pain to be annoying.

My erection quality is absolutely fine. I’ve always had very strong erections. If anything, they feel stronger.

Now, when I massage my flaccid penis I don’t feel any acute pain. That is, no specific part of my penis actually hurts. It actually feels that it might be near the beginning of my pelvic cavity.

I’m pretty worried, as the pain is pretty constant, and I haven’t done any stretches for a week.

My question is this: should I be worried? What are the chances that I’ll recover?

P.S. I don’t have any discoloration or blood buildup or anything like that. Just some mild pain. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Just judging from my own experience and observations of others in this forum, I believe that you will recover, probably within a week or 2.

It sounds to me like you are experiencing fatigue.

For me fatigue is a good sort of dull ache or pain that means I have done enough damage to initiate growth, but not enough to injure myself

But, if it stuck around for a week after stopping your exercises, i would be worried. Take some time off and start again.

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Thanks. I’ll rest until the pain is gone.

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