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A decon break?

A decon break?

When is a good time for a decon break?
How long should a decon break typically be?

I’ve been doing 90 min + session per day without seeing much, if any gains.

The EQ seems to be quite good.

Just wondering if i should take a break so that I can get some gains again.

My routine composes of:

10+ min warm up
5 + 8 min stretching
30 min low erection dry Jelqs
20 min stretches (mainly focusing on V, A, and BTC)
10+ min warm down

If time permits

I would do another session, which focuses on stretching or balloning:

10+ min warm up
30 min stretches (mainly focusing on V, A, and BTC)
10+ min warm down

I want to focus on manual PE-ing, and not get into pumping/hanging/clamping. It seems to me that my manual routine is reaching its limit.

After 2-3 months of consistent work without gains, it’s time to take a decon-break or switch to something different. The length of a decon-break vary according to your previous work.

Given that you are doing A LOT of hard work without gains, chances are you made your penis harder to achieve gains. I think you should take at least three months of rest - sorry, I know it sounds bad.

As long as it gets back the the condition from before, I am willing to take a really really long break. Thanks!

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