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A Cut Man Becoming Uncut

A Cut Man Becoming Uncut

Hey there, I have now been PEing seriously for 3 months and had two months were I just tried different things and semi-started the newbie routine. Anyways I think I have a problem. I have been almost exclusively been doing stretches for the last two months. I have gotten some good BP growth’s but some negative non-BP growths. Like my FSL has lost 0.3cm and my EL has lost 0.1cm.

What I have noticed is that my skin has gotten longer. When flaccid the skin on my shaft seems like it has grown but not the rest of my penis. So it’s like I am getting uncut. I took a search on the forum and found mostly threads about guys wanting to get there foreskin back. For me it is the opposite, I don’t want foreskin. Is there a way to prevent it? Also, does this have anything to do with my non-BP length’s getting shorter?

Sorry for any misspelled words or a bad thread. It’s my first thread :p

So your penis looks like a wrinkly dog? When my penis is in a bad mood, he wrinkles up into a pissed off old wrinkly dog.

As for “preventing” all this extra skin, I recommend you start jelqing. It will give you a fuller, thicker penis and it will take more skin to hold in your penis. It’s like wrapping a baby in a blanket, but if you stick a fatter baby in the blanket, the blanket will be tighter and have less room to move, or in your case, foreskin.

Well.. It looks more like a closed accordion then an old wrinkled dog. I sort of believe the “it’s easier to stretch a thin rubber band then a thick one” analogy, although a thin one will snap easier then a thick rubber band.. When the time comes I will jelq in hope to solve the problem, if not maybe turn to hanging. Thanks for the response :)

Jelqing you say? Sounds to me like you should stick to stretching , not holding skin aswell,

Unless you’ve got a good consistency of lube on your slong there is going to be some
Stretching of the foreskin when you jelq, it’s hard to avoid skin stretching with jelqing
This is just how I see it:) but I may be wrong,

But I do agree that jelqing may help blood flow meaning you will have less of the wrinkly dog look most of the time, goodluck fourchy

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