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A curve more like a corner

A curve more like a corner

Hi, I’m just new to this forum. Last week I ran into a site describing PE, now all that I have been doing is searching for more sites and information.

I read a lot about curves, buy my penis has more like a corner. I would say it has about a 30 degree corner in 1 place of my penis, not stretched over the entire length. I am very happy with my penis, don’t get me wrong, it’s length is around the 7” girth I havent measured yet. Sex is going great as well, I just want to make it more straight to surprise the girlfriend.

The reason of my angle is that one of the tubes that fill with blood has a dent of some sort. When it is erect I can pull it straight, so the tubes are of equal length, but when I let go it just falls back into it’s old pattern.

The flesh of the tube is pulled together at that point, I was wondering if just jelqing could do the trick.
I have just begun with another excercise, I am pulling the penis straight, then applying pressure on it so that the tubes are under the stress of blood, keep it there for 15 seconds and repeat it. Is this a wise thing to do, or could I overdo it, create to much of a strain?

Hello, there welcome to the forum. Wow, that is impressive 7 Inch girth is well above average if I am not mistaken, and I am glad to hear someone is satisfied with their penis. I dunno, unless it was inhibiting in some way, isn’t it nice to be a little different?

I meant it has a 7” length, girth is just 5”, sorry I kinda put it down wrong.

Welcome to Thundersplace, Boelie. There are more than a few dutchmen on this board now.

You should try to do a search for “peyronies” because it probably explains the curvature you are describing. There is also some evidence that jelq and erect bends can actually help correct your curvature. Do a lot of reading and be careful.

"Debate the idea..."

It’s funny because I think I have exactly what Boelie is describing. It’s not real peyronies dieseise like plaque buildup on the side of my dick causing a bend to the left or right but it’s more of out of porportion curve at the base of the dick on one side. It has something to do with the skin/superfical fasica layer of the penis because when I pull back the skin on both sides I can see the the whole inner shaft evesn out striaghtly so you might need to somehow stretch some skin on the sides Boelie to even out the length of the skin. It could even be the fundiform ligs or suspensory being attached to one of the fascia layers of the penis causing the skin to project out like that making your dick look a little uneven at the base if what I’m describing describes you. Some food for thought.

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