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A couple questions about pain and my routine.

A couple questions about pain and my routine.

So I’ve been doing the newbie routine for over a month but about two weeks in I read that theory about focusing your efforts and I fit into the category of people who would benefit more from stretching/hanging. So I built a captain’s wench and started doing really light hanging 2.5lbs for two weeks then went up to 5lbs and have been doing that for about two weeks. I also built a shungo roll to use as an ADS.

I found that the shunga roll held really well so I added a few extra rubber bands to see how a decent amount of pull would feel for an extended period of time. The next day my dick was fucking sore all through the inside. Like the sorest it’s ever been. I took two days off and it’s not sore anymore but I guess my question is,

Is that kind of soreness good or did I over-do it with that much force on an ADS?


Would hanging with a small amount of weight and using an ADS toughen me up to newbie gains or make gaining later difficult?

Slippy it sounds like you found a routine that works for you. I have always seen shaft sorness as a good sign. As long as it is sorness your feeling and not pain your good.

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I think as long as it’s not “hurting you” it’s good to be sore. And you want to heal up while stretched out.

Could I ask how you do know that you are in that category?

5 pounds isn’t ‘very light’ hanging. You say you felt your penis f*****ng sore from the inside - does it mean you had any pain?

Anyway, I think you overdid it. An ADS/extender is meant to exert 2-3 lbs force at max - so, after months of sligthly raising tension. Sure, you can use more force, but you have to cut time, because your penis can just manage a given amount of time*force. If you overdo, you don’t get faster results, you get faster plateau.

I’d say, if you are determined to skip the newbie routine, use an ADS, in the proper way - don’t add hanging for now. Do some jelqs, also, or your EQ will drop dramatically after using an ADS for a while.

Thanks for the advise. I’ll cut out hanging for now and stick to the newbie routine and a low tension ads

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