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A concerned newb please help

A concerned newb please help

Wassup everybody, I just started jelqing a couple days ago, and just had a few questions. But first let me say I’ve noticed a BIG difference in size after a jelq session that only last for an hour then goes back to normal size. Is that a normal part of it? Also, I’ve also noticed a decrease in sensitivity in my dick after a session. Is that normal? And lastly, is it a bad idea to whack it afterwards? Or at all? I’ve been taking all the proper steps, heating, stretching, and wet jelqing for a total of a about 30-40 minutes. And havent been having problems besides those. A reply would be appreciated. Thanks.

It is not a proper step to be jelqing for 30-40 minutes when you first begin. You should be down around 5-10 minutes. Even when you have a lot of experience, 20 minutes of jelqing usually is enough for a good workout.

I almost always “wack it” after a jelqing session and experienced no problems.

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