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A brief hello, coupled with a few questions

A brief hello, coupled with a few questions

First day on the site, and god damn this is amazing.

I swear, people have thought of everything by now.

(A year ago I was a virgin, so in desperation I went online to find out what I was doing wrong when it came to women, found a forum like this, and now I’ve got more women than I know what to do with)

However, now that I’m getting laid my new goal is to become a pro at sex, and increase my size dramatically.

I’ve been fucking a lot of virgins up until a month or so ago, and now I’m in my first serious relationship. She left her b/f for me who was 8 inches long and at least 6 inches in girth, and I’m not exaggerating (god damn him), but my 6.25x5.25 can’t compete.

I’m guessing my size is about standard, but I’m looking to get to at least 7.5x6, and hopefully 8x6.5
I’m going to start the newbie routine today, and hopefully I’ll accomplish my goal in the next 12 months.

On a less personal note, I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can answer:

1. I’ve been doing PC exercises for a while now, but they seem to be hurting my sex life rather than helping it. My PC muscle feels MUCH bigger, like before I couldn’t feel it through the skin, and now before I flex it sticks out. I can flex and hold for a good 30 seconds without a problem, but I can’t keep a hardon with it. I also can’t seem to stop or cancel ejaculation by flexing the muscle. And lastly, ever since I started, I’ve noticed that subconsciously I’ve been flexing it more during sex, which seems to not let any blood in, and slowly let blood out, so really I get smaller by flexing my PC muscle with a hardon. What am I doing wrong? (The exercises I do are a flex and hold for 3 seconds, 5 seconds, and for 20 seconds, I don’t have a set time of day I do it, but just randomly at work or in the car when it comes to mind)

2. This is a stretch of a question, because it concerns sex more than PE, but I’ve noticed that I’m A LOT bigger when masturbating than when I’m having sex (sex is a lot more mentally stimulating, but masturbation is more physically stimulation, afterall I know best what pleases me). I’m thinking the physical stimulation gets me harder. So my question is, is there any pill sold over the counter that can get me a true hardon during sex? (I know Viagra works great for me, but I’m 18, just recently moved out on my own, and I’m working as a waiter. I can hardly afford rent right now, so paying for a doctor and then 10 dollars per pill is way out of the question.)

I should add I did order a supplement called “L-Arginine”, before finding this site I downloaded a “Penis Enlargement Manual” off of Kazaa and the author raved about how good this shit is. If anyone has any experience with it, please let me know how it went.

I’ll be sure to post after I get my bottle (ordered 100 tablets, 500mg a piece, for 9.99 with free shipping, so they’re not expensive), and give a first hand review.

Andrew Roark

L-Arginine is no wonder pill, but I have experienced good results from regular use.

You may find a NOS type product to be more bang for the buck. I like using this product, NOX3

Many guys have experienced bigger loads with L-Arginine. Remember that having protein in your belly at the same time will negate it’s effects. You will need to be taking a few grams at a pop so those 100 pills won’t last long at all. If you are happy with what it does for you do a search in the fitness/bodybuilding forum and find links to buy the stuff in powder form. It is sold by the Kg. and for pennies on the dollar of what you paid.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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