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A bit worried about my penis.

A bit worried about my penis.

I,v been on the newbie routine for a few months now, with no gains. Over the course of these months I,v noticed the veins in my penis becoming larger and veins that where not visible before now visible. I,v also noticed very small purple veins appearing. Until now I,v not thought much about this. However this has changed since Friday the 14Th, when I noticed after a workout I had lots of red dots and what appeared to be a bruise on the shaft of my penis which was about 0.25” x 0.25” in size. These have since cleared up, But on close inspection of my penis over the last couple of days I have became a bit worried about these purple veins. They are all over my penis, they are very small but they branch everywhere. One of the branches off one of the larger veins has became purple which is worrying to me. It just looks to me if I am damaging my penis through PE. Can anyone Offer my any advice on this?

Veins becoming visible is something to be expected.

Red dots and bruises means you’ve overdone it a bit - so back off a tad.

regards, mgus

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Maybe try some stretches; these don’t seem to bust your veins out like jelqs.

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