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A bit sore after PE Session - wait?

A bit sore after PE Session - wait?

Hey guys I recently did my second PE session of a warmup, wet jelq and another warm wrap at the end. I’ve been putting myself on an “every other day” schedule to allow for healing time. Today is my day to work out again, but i’m still a little sore. Should I not bother today and wait? or do I work out and just be careful?

Where is the soreness (ligs, shaft etc.) , and is the soreness a general soreness (perhaps an ache or feeling of having been worked hard) or sharp shooting pains?

Providing that information will help in giving an idea of whether you should be pushing ahead with more PE.

Soreness is a necessary part of PE for some. Some don’t experience it but still gain, others need to work to fatigue and then ride that fatigue by dropping the intensity. So the fact that you can get to this stage is at least a sign that you’re making a difference.

How are you erections? If they begin to flag you know you’re overdoing it, but this isn’t an absolute indicator.

The erections seem okay, and its really not that bad a soreness - I guess I’d liken it to masturbating a little too vigourously without lube, but nothing horrible. Guess I’ll keep going then? Thanks!

Xaeos: Right now about two square inches of skin on my underside is scabbing and peeling away because I over did it with PE.. I had done a 45 minute Uli session in the morning one day, and then about 9-10 hours later did another session and I could feel the skin becoming sensitive but I ignored it. It felt warm and it stung .. I remember the sensation clearly now so I’ll never let this happen again, but the point is, there is such thing as over doing it, no doubt and what happens is, your skin will look red (and this is on top of the fact that I have discoloration) and the skin is sensitive to the touch, now after a couple of days it’s like rug burn or something, and the skin is peeling away to reveal redish, soft skin underneith.. scary huh? anyway. this heals but it sux

I pretty much get sore round my head everytime I jack-off, have sex, PE etc. I guess I just have sensitive skin

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