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A bit of advice needed 2

A bit of advice needed 2

Hey people.

I made a post that called on some questions that I needed answers for, now while I got answers more has risen.

So I decided to disregard the newbie routine and start working on pure jelqing endurance, to be fair it’s going well, at first I could only do it for 10 minutes tops and now I’m up to 40 minutes at prime conditions.

Question time! :D
Now this time it’s more about visual changes I’ve noticed and how to respond to them, not red spots, redness and bruising (very light after a minor mishap.. Should pay attention while doing it).
No, I’m talking about what it feels like and the changes that seems to happen to my unit on a weekly basis.
So I’ve noticed explosive length gain followed by it shrinking a bit and becoming more wider as result, head has gotten noticeably bigger and I got quite the fat vein running down the top of it that wasn’t there before (moves while jelqing.. Interesting sensation).
Any experienced PE guru’s that can talk me through this metamorphosis?

I’ve got no doubt what I’m doing is working but I’d like some input.
Do note I always start and finish with warmup/warm down for about 10 minutes.

Mellow out.

Well jelqing you might notice little red spots these will go away after 24hrs in most cases if there is a bruse or purple color take a break until it heals. And for the shrinkage this is normal, how long have you been doing PE I recommend after 2 months to take a 10-14 day break to let the penis fully heal and shrinkage will be gone. Plus you may get gains will you rest.

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

The signs of my progression and gains in the order they appeared:

-Larger glans

-Better erections and return of morning wood

-Stopped getting red spots and discoloring from PE sessions

-Penis is longer

-Skin has darkened a few shades

-Larger flaccid girth/length

-Gained a bit of an upward curve

-Both larger and more veins

-Girth gains are substantial

-More erectile stamina

-Ribs are appearing

-Erection no longer bends anywhere along the shaft under force

-Temporary girth expansion during PE has increased drastically from maybe 1/4” in the beginning months, to over 1/2”

-Temporary girth expansion is achieved in less time

-Shaft skin is visually stretched

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

Break for 10-14 days after 2 months, got it I’ll try that.

Thanks peepeepeepee for the extensive list, got all of the points of it with exception of ribs and stretched shaft skin.

I did PE for a month sporadically and then after seeing it works I’ve been building endurance for 3 weeks.
Started at 5 inches and now it’s 6,4, this stuff is magic! Haha

What was your EQ before? Those gains dont sound possible no offense. Either a massive gain in EQ or bad measuring.

Aye, I said I did it sporadically, doesn’t mean I didn’t do it a lot.
I started out doing 10-15 minutes, sometimes every second day and sometimes several time a day.

Initially it was 12-13 centimeters (4,7-5,1 inches), you’re completely right there was some sloppy measuring at the time, after a few months of doing as mentioned above it felt bigger in my hand both girth and length wise so I measured again to see whats up, turned out to be right I was sitting with 14.9 cm (5.9 inches) in my hand.

Now to the question, my EQ has always been the same, rock hard erections and plenty of them, now I’ve experienced a new kind of hard that is to the point where the internal pressure is so great it causes mild discomfort.
As 4xpee mentioned, erections that won’t bend at the shaft is something I’ve had since I started being able to get it up, I’m 20 so that was about 10 years ago.

That said my current progression has been gaining 0.6 (0.2 inches) cm over the past 3 weeks of working it harder and harder to increase endurance.
Yeah an increase in EQ along with serious workouts has produced some good result very fast but I didn’t expect it to continue this way so I got serious and started working up the endurance so I can handle extended sessions with (hopefully) no pains or things that need to heal before getting at it again.

Also no offense taken, I didn’t elaborate on the whole beginning as it was irrelevant to my question

Ribs along the shaft, not sure what they are called. The skin has visually stretched, I suppose it is most noticeable along the raphe line.

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

Alright I’ll keep a look out for something like that

Advice For A Very New Guy Please?

After reading the posts above, it seems you guys have managed to acquire some impressive gains in a short space of time. What is your routine peex4? And would you recommend a jelq device?

I am keeping a progress log in that section under “going for girth” that has my routine(I do not know how to link things). I do not personally do any jelqs.

Start: 7/1/14 BPEL 7.25" MEG 4.75"

Current: 10/1/14 BPEL8.2" MEG 5.5" BEG 6" Corona 5.25" EQ=9

Thanks peepeepeepee. I may give what your doing a go though. Will still probably do some jelqs. Aren’t they good for girth? Newbie here

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