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A bit confused

A bit confused

Hi Guys,

Here goes my first post! Cool, I am not a virgin anymore!!

Please help me out here esp. If you have experience with PE.

I started PEing for about 3 weeks but due to my tight schedule, could not keep up with the newbie routine. I am looking for more mechanical/automated ways of doing PE. I have been thinking about STRETCHING or CLAMPING and looked at some products.

Question: can I just started stretching using a device like VacExtender 2 ( I can do that for 2 or 3 hrs per day since I am sitting at my PC most of the time. Do I need to warm up using the wrapping cloth? Can I just do that for one month to see how that goes? What do you recommend to make the process the least manual and most mechanical?

I read on clamping and it sounds like it’s not recommended if you are newbie.

Regardless, during the time I did PE, my sex life was significantly improved. I was doing it as if I was 20 yrs old again (well, I am 30 now) with my girl friend of 4 years. I am gonna miss the exercises since I totally believe it changes your sex life.
One recommendation: there is not much topics on stretching. We definitely need one.
Please let me know about stretching, what device to use and what to do before/after.

Many thanks!

Hi keyvany, welcome to Thunder’s.

Originally Posted by keyvany
One recommendation: there is not much topics on stretching. We definitely need one.
Please let me know about stretching, what device to use and what to do before/after.

You’re kidding, right? Check out the search button in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on “advanced search” and type in “stretching”. Now select “titles only.” Voila! ;)

But, I think what you’re really interested in is ADS, or “all day stretching.” Do a search on that (in the same manner as above.) Should give you plenty to chew on.

You might also want to browse the Review forum, where you’ll find discussions of just about every mechanical PE device out there.

Good luck!

Welcome to Thunders keyvany. I really feel that if you do want to see any gains, you should try to fit the newbie in to your schedule. It will condition your penis so that the ADS can work. It would be awful to injure your self down there, and it can happen very easily.

The newbie does not take that long. You don’t have to do many jelqs as long as each jelq is a quality jelq. Everytime you have to urinate, do the piss pull. Pull your penis straight out and far as you can for about 10 seconds then take your piss.

Firstly, welcome to TP’s! The manual stretches in the newbie routine don’t take that long. I wouldn’t recommend anything more than that due to injury.

I believe you’ll see some gains with just stretching then after a few months you can incorporate other things into your routine.

Until you’ve conditioned your unit sufficiently I would avoid clamping; or any other mechanical PE for that matter.
I don’t know how tight you schedule is, but I would wait at least 6 months before I would do anything like that.

Some may tell you to wait only 3 months or so, they maybe right, but you can never be to safe.

Wearing a condom during your routine is not necessarily practicing safe PE!

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