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A big problem with my ADS,please read.

A big problem with my ADS,please read.

Well I got my ADS from about a month ago,I have been using it on a 5 day on 2 day off schedule(with a break every hour and a half),it is very comfortable and has caused me no pain,but it is affecting my sex life huge!

After taking if off,for about an hour to two hours it hangs really well,but does not feel at all the same. I wouldn’t say it is numb,but the head is almost numb,I only wear it 5 hours a day and I do a jelq routine before I put it on so it is well warmed up.

I have been noticing that the sensitivity has gone way down as well as my sex drive?wtf! I don’t get it?well I kinda do,I’m sure it is just sore from being stretched and needs time to heal,I get that, but the major problem is I cannot have regular sex life if I need to rest it two days before I have sex,and when I do it is still not as hard as before I started.

I have read as many posts from people with the same problem,so I know it’s not just me, My question is if I stop using it completely, can I just do a soft jelqing routine and still gain some decent gains? Maybe a 2 on 2 off routine, plus that vacuum head can’t be all that good for your head for 5 hours aday? My head is always really red and white in some spots and I know that can’t be good,it’s weird though cause, it never hurt me or felt bad at all, the device was totally comfortable.

Any suggestions on how to keep making progress but not effecting my sex life?

Thanks guys

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You might be over working your penis.

For how long do you jelq each day?

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You are probably wearing the ADs for too long a period without giving it a rest to let your penis recover.

Try half hour sessions and see if that helps.


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