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A Beginner Reports

A Beginner Reports

Hello everyone at ThundersPlace,

I would like to thank everyone for the incredibly helpful content on this site. I am not one to post on forums, but I decided to here because THIS IS CRAZY, I THINK MY DICK IS GROWING.

I have a small, turtling flaccid, it SUCKS. Not only does it make me self-conscience, but it is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I am constantly having to push it out by pressing against the connection between the base and my pelvis(pad). I am overweight, so this adds to the turtling. I am naturally an OVERLY confident guy, but when it comes to this, I am F’ing crippled. SO I AM GONNA BEAT THIS D TILL IT COMES OUT (lol).

I have been researching for a good amount of time now, I had given PE a try a couple of months ago but it never stuck. Anyways, I began streching a week ago and I am starting to see results! Turtling is LESS FREQUENT. I feel great! I have not been documenting my size, I just don’t want to yet. I am seeing an increasing in flaccid so my motivation is off the charts.
My Routine:
Morning shower - Strech downward (5-10-15 seconds, depends on grip)(Approx 30-50 reps)
I throw in occasional JELQS here and there.
Afternoon shower - I repeat the excercise
Experimenting with Fowfers and Wrap
My questions to the Forum:
1. I feel sore, tender at the base. Am I overdoing it with 2x a days. It feels like I fucked some chick all night (for those who know what that feels like). It’s slightly red at base, but it feels natural. I am an animal when it comes to getting things, I want a bigger dick and I won’t stop till I can rip pussy apart.
2. Today I noticed a lighter skin tone at the base while flaccid is this new skin?
3. I also noticed significant extra skin, I believe donut effect? Is this natural? Is is a healthy indicator of growth.
4. I have not been warming up (busy lifestyle) is this significantly hindering my growth?
5. I have been trying to implement wrapping, I am nervous of injury, how can I meet middle ground without constantly worrying my dick will die?
6. After a morning session, and 1-2hr wrap I noticed a significant different shape on my flaccid, it was larger but went from wide base, thin shaft, and large glans. Like an hourglass. Is this healthy, is it improper wrapping?
7. When I wrap, my dick gets twisted (at angle) from the ACE wrap. Is this ok? How can I prevent this.
8. I have been testing out fowfers, They are comfortable but again, I am nervous of injury, what can I do to mitigate injury and get a good workout in.
9. Does measuring aid in motivation? Should I measure to pinpoint effective exercise? Is visual measurement good enough? If I feel big, I will feel beastly.
10. Are “piss pulls” effective? Can they be considered overdoing it?
11. How many exercises a day is too much? How much exercise is risk-acceptable but gain-incentive.
12. I’m really RISK-AVERSE when it comes to my dick, I am not trying to break it. This is why I am doubtful of all the V stretches, and inverted stretches and flying upside one hand stretch, triple somersault dick stretch. What are the best safe, but effective stretches for newbies that want MASSIVE gains.

I appreciate all the help!

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1. Why don’t do just the newbie routine? I mean, you can write down your routine, but it should have some sense. How much force are you applying when stretching? The pain is probably coming from the fundiform or suspensory ligament.

1. Don’t pull too hard while stretching.

2. Maybe discoloration

3. Where?

4. Yes. Although length gains may not be affected that much. You need heat to avoid injuries.

5. If you are new to this don’t wrap anything yet.

6. See number 5.

7. See number 5.

8.Go easy.

9. Depends on the person. I would recommend to measure in the begining and remeasure only when you are feeling big with a rock hard erection.

10.It’s a good maintainance exercise. You can’t overdo it unless you take a visit to the toilet 20 times a day.

11. You will be the judge of that. For now, start witht he linear and then continue with the newbie routine.Safe and proven effective.

12. Basic stretch. Grab below glands and pull. Leave the rest for later.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.


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