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A ? about OK sign

A ? about OK sign


In jelqing when we make the OK sign with the thumb and the forefinger, the thumb is kept on the upper side of the penis or the lower side?


The standard approach is thumb on top, fingers pointing away from glans but the important thing to remember is that you are trying to pump blood through and variations in hand position in a session allow you to keep up the intensity whilst not stressing your hands out too much.

Try the overhand ok position, I can sometime get a much better grip that way. Play with it, see what works.

Also count (1 one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand) on each stroke to ensure that you don’t speed up too much and simply end up masturbating.

The type of ok is totally dependent on a persons style. I shift between hands up and down, I also have one that places allot of force on the sides.

You can make an upside down U with your thumb and forefinger and place it at the base of the penis. You then wrap the forefinger around under and squeeze hard with the thumb and finger to create a vice like effect. You can create allot of pressure like this so be careful.


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