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90 Day Beginner Routine

90 Day Beginner Routine

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has tried this routine:…er-routine.html

If so, can you please share your results? I’m thinking about giving this one a go some time soon.

Many people have used JP90, myself included. But I toned down the jelqs to start, it can be a bit much for some people. I got slights gains off it, about .25 in BPEL and .125 in EG over 3-4 months.

It’s a good routine and worked well for me in the beginning.

But everyone responds differently.

Starting Size (02-02-2015): BPEL: 5.1 / MEG: 4 / BEG: 4.3

Current Size (08-02-2016): BPEL: 6.3 / MEG: 4.75 / BEG: 5.1

I mean, I won’t be starting it necessarily as a complete beginner, so I don’t plan on dumbing anything down. I was just curious about results people got from it. I believe it says on the site that they gained nearly 2 inches from it.

I’ll be honest. Because a lot of guys on these forums talk rubbish and its killing me. No routine works, unless you pull to it hurts, and jelq to where it feels like your junk with explode.

I can understand slight tension while pulling, but I don’t believe jelqing til you explode is a good idea.

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