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I’ve already posted pictures of me in another thread asking something similar about this so I wouldn’t have to go through the “I don’t believe you” comments.

Pictures showing a 3” lenght gains?

No, I don’t have any logs or pictures from when I started. I was 15 and the whole 3 inches thing was just a estimate it could have been 1.5-2 inches for all I know. I did a newbie routine for a while when I started (it started at like 20 jelqs and 5 minutes of stretching the first week and by like month 3 it was probably something like 15-20 minutes manual stretching followed by 200 Jelqs) after that I did pretty much the same thing but i’de throw in another exercise like edging, clamping, (hanging but done horribly wrong), more advance stretches, etc.

The only proof I have is my current measurements. Like most people I didn’t keep track of my starting measurements. I remember writing it down but I never saved the paper and I’m pretty sure I threw it away once I measured it for a few months and had new measurements.

I’ve never kept a log and I can’t even tell you my measurements from a year ago or even 6 months ago. I could give you a guess but people just call me a liar. I started keeping a log about a month or two ago.

Teach me master! I want 3 inches in gain, just like you. You must be sent from dick heaven.

Start: 17 Feb 2012, 8.25bpel x 4.92mseg; bpfsl=??; fl=6.5x4.5

Current: 29 April 2013, 8.875bpel x 5.8mseg; bpfsl=9.25; fl=7x5

Goal: 9NBP x 6.25mseg and the best EQ ever!

Then I’d suggest you stop going on repeating that you gained 3”.

The whole “3 inches” had nothing to do with this. People keeping asking me and I give them my guess. All I was looking for was the bigger members to tell me what their favorite exercises were when they were gaining length.

People keeps asking you because you mentioned this big claim. You made the claim, they asked for proofs. Simple.

I made the “claim” after they asked. I clearly stated it was a guess from the beginning.

You are obviously looking for a ‘magic’ short cut of some sort and seems you don’t even bother to read around the forums either. You come across as pretentious and lazy, maybe try to get some initiative of your own?

The rationale for asking what your gains have been and what routines you’ve tried is to help formulate a recommendation for you based on your current situation and past results. For veterans such as yourself that have PE’d for multiple years and have had gains the answers for what to try next usually are borne from what has worked the best for you in the past and how can it be modified or tweaked to go further.

If your gains were 3 inches the advice would probably be very different than if your gains were a half inch. Similarly, the advice would also be very different if you’ve PE’d for three months versus PE’ing for 3 years. There is no magic secret exercise that equals length for everyone, so by not responding with any accurate information it’s going to be next to impossible to get any meaningful advice.

Unfortunately, like many have said, the paths and exercises are all known, described and discussed thoroughly on this site. Everyone is trying to help you chart a course for length gains, but without knowing what you’ve tried and what results you got, you’re very likely to only get generic advice such as hanging, stretching, ads, extender…

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I have been doing the newbie routine for a little over a month now. I have gained about 7mm in erect length and 1 cm stretched length. What I do are normal stretches and some adjusted stretches and jelqing exercises. Stretching I do s followed. When flaccid, I fold my penis over my index finger between my index finer and middle finger. Then I let some blood rush into the part that is now in the palm of my hand. Now I have a solid grip and start pushing downwards with your fist pointed towards you. The stress is then focused on the suspensory ligament. The part of your hand between the index finger and middle finger works as a leverage point. Especially if you flex your wrist joint. I think this might be helpful, because it is only suitable for people with sufficient length. Lastly while jelqing I do kegels before every jelq and I keep a grip at the base at all times.

It worked for me up until now. They might suit you as well. As a last note, I think when one starts of with more mass, the absolute gains are expected to be larger per time unit compared to a initial smaller mass. If we state that at least some of the gains in length are from hypertrophy of the penile tissue, and that therefor the rate of growth is proportionate to initial cells number/mass it logically follows that a longer penis gains more length per time unit compared to an initially smaller penis. Such growth is directly proportionate to initial mass. Cells do not divide. They increase in size. Absolute growth per time unit will always be larger when initial cell number is higher. Relative growth will not be affected.

Think of it this way. An architect decides he wants to build two buildings. One will be ten stories high and the other twenty stories. He draws up the plans. At the last moment he decides to add 5 inches to each floor of both buildings. The first building will be 5*10=50 inches higher than initially was planned. The second building will be 5*20=100 inches higher than initially was planned. The higher building had an absolute growth that is larger than that of the smaller building though relative growth is equal.

I know this guy might not have started out small. This doesn’t take anything away from what I stated.

Initial stats; BPEL 8.5 inch, EL 8.3 Inch, EG 6.4 inch. Goal; EL +1 inch, EG: Not a priority. Equal girth along the shaft.

Progress: 5 weeks: BPEL: 8.8 inch. (+7mm) EL: 8.6 inch (+7mm). SL: 8.9 EG: 6.7 averaged out (+4-8mm. Growth though failing to create equal girth along shaft)

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Forrest, where are you from, if you dont mind me asking?

Start: 17 Feb 2012, 8.25bpel x 4.92mseg; bpfsl=??; fl=6.5x4.5

Current: 29 April 2013, 8.875bpel x 5.8mseg; bpfsl=9.25; fl=7x5

Goal: 9NBP x 6.25mseg and the best EQ ever!


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