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8 inch Chinese penis

Originally Posted by firegoat
Large Chinese size survey: marinera - Penis Size: The True Average

5 inches BPEL on average. Pretty much standard. And when you consider that they make up over 2/3 of the world’s population, I’m sure there are more large asian penises than large white or black ones.

Originally Posted by quattot
I have to disagree with much of what you have said here in this article. I believe eventually all the races will melt into one and racism will disappear. However, there are some significant differences between races and your post is not stating scientific facts. Please see the following link. Please note: This link although scientific in nature may offend some.…us&ct=clnk&cd=1

Sounds horrible, you mean all the races will be destroyed and replaced by one color brownish people who have no real culture, to me that is a nightmare !

There are some who would and are trying their best to do that especially in “western country’s” its the multi-cult-ism pushers ;-)

What is ‘real’ culture? Real according to whom?

Originally Posted by marinera
What is ‘real’ culture? Real according to whom?

In other words no variation, culture to me is the variation you see when you travel from place to place, it is what makes the world interesting and what often drives people to travel in the first place.

Originally Posted by marinera
Here the full text…ijir20149a.html

It is interesting to note that the max was 17cm (about 6.75”), so no 8” penises on 5200 measured males, if I am reading it right.

Ya that is crazy! They show close to the same average with almost no variation. You would expect at least a couple big dudes in 5200 people.

Edit: just looked at it and it looks like only 311 were measured for erect length.

Also, it is odd that there was almost no variation between BPEL and BPFSL length, usually guys on here report a noticeable difference.

Originally Posted by pickles

In other words no variation, culture to me is the variation you see when you travel from place to place, it is what makes the world interesting and what often drives people to travel in the first place.

I see. Thanks for explaining.

I’m 75% Chinese 25% Filipino and have 8.2”

Great! We found one in the end.

I like to think that the link between race and penis size is honestly just a stereotype with no basis in reality. I’m multiracial (Black, native american and white) and I found that my cousin who is black has made comments about my size (me being larger than average) and what not. Additionally I found that larger men tend to be more willing to show off their size while smaller men tend not to reinforcing racially biased stereotypes and creating a positive feedback loop in essence. I’m personally larger than average 8-8.2 inches BPEL (Pre-PE) given on how hard I am and whether or not I measure with the curve and 5.75-5.8 inches in circumference. The only difference that I can think of that might be responsible for me size is that as a child and even today my diet is extremely rich in meat and deficient in grain. One important anomaly to note though is that at 20 I’m still growing as of the last time I measured.

Any person, lineage, race adjusts to the challenges presented to it. The biggest challenge beeing nature.
Thats why people have white skin or black skin or in between as they simply adapted to the sun. No magic to it.

In many big international cities today you see a very large variety of people from different racial backgrounds.
Quiet interesting. Brings some problems for the invidual as he has to implement different traits and match it with his society. thats for that..

The notion that blacks are bigger has not much base checking all data available. The myth, Im sure, has some base.
That base is in my opionion: Darker appears bigger to the eye espacially in contrast to white.
Next is that when you take 100 white people in scandinavia outside into the cold you will get probably 99 shrivelled up dicks.
Take 100 blacks in central africa outside and you will get 99 good hanging full of blood flaccids.

People who think that someone decided to give a specific race some advantages just because they are preferred by someone are plain stupid.


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