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8 inch Chinese penis

‘Asian people’ are a bunch of different people. Not all are ‘small’. In the average Asian people seems to be about the same height than African people and Arabic people…round_the_world

Now, why you people don’t find something more useful to do than spreading around your stereotypes? This thread is one of most unuseful ever started here.

Why are you obsessed with Asian penises? Are you _____ (fill in the blank)? I have heard because of the hormones we put in our food, it can affect our body size.

Personally, no, but as you know there are always exceptions so it wouldn’t be totally unreasonable to assume that they’re probably a few out there somewhere. Personally, I do think Africans tend to be bigger on average (especially flaccid) and Asians smaller on average (especially flaccid) but what I was trying to say is that there is always exceptions and there will be some with small and some big no matter what. Most of it is genetic and hormonal differences and probably alot of other factors like diet and climate.

I really don’t think all Asians are small, I mean there is too much people in Asia, and the Japanese porn is totally different from the occidental porn, I mean they put guys with average cocks and girls with fugly vaginas, they censor almost every movie and like to do nasty cream pies, so the rule just don’t apply there I’m 99% sure that if they wanted big stuff all the girls would fill up their tits and asses with silicon and put hung Asians, things there are just different.

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Hi, don’t know if it has already been said.. But Keni Styles and Hung Lo look around 9 inches?

IMO, if large breasted Asians like Hitomi Tanaka exists, then they most be some Asians that are sporting a 8 incher.

Originally Posted by marinera
I think Long Mint is about 8”. But again I’m notoriously a loser in estimating penis size.

She looks to be at 8” - 8.25” nbel x 4.75”, but her girth and small body makes it look very long.

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First post.. Having read some of this thread, it gives Tom Waits song “Big in Japan” a whole new meaning .

Asian size vs. others

Hey all, this is my first post although I’ve lurked on here for a while. I know this is an old thread, but I figured I could offer an interesting perspective here.

My girlfriend is Chinese, from China. She was a prostitute and has seen well over a thousand dicks, of all shapes, sizes and colors. Her input on the matter is this:

1. There is variation among all the races. There are big and small dicks of all colors.
2. That being said, there are definite size differences between different races. In general, black men have the biggest dicks, followed by white men. Asians have the smallest. However, the difference isn’t very significant.
3. Asian men tend to be growers, not showers.
4. With all the johns she’s serviced, the biggest dick she’s ever seen was about 9+” in length, and 6+” in girth. Yes, it was black.
5. Prostitutes love premature ejaculators with small dicks. Hahaha!!

I’m Asian, just started PE’ing, with starting stats of BPEL - 6.5”, MSEG - 5.2”. My girlfriend loves my dick, and wouldn’t want it any longer but wouldn’t mind if it was thicker.

Hope this was informative.

I think when we are talking about a people that literally make up over half the world’s population there are going to be some big ones. When you put 4.3 people on a bell curve there are bound to be some outliers…

I’m pretty sure that asian porn doesn’t have this western view of “bigger is better” either. That´s why you will mostly see normal-sized asian dick in the pornos

Originally Posted by Gothfinger
I’m pretty sure that asian porn doesn’t have this western view of “bigger is better” either. That´s why you will mostly see normal-sized asian dick in the pornos

And they are all blurred out anyway, so what do they care. :)

Originally Posted by Gothfinger

I’m pretty sure that asian porn doesn’t have this western view of “bigger is better” either.

They certainly did when I lived there! :)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Originally Posted by Gladiator
Has anybody ever seen an 8 inch Asian penis? It doesn’t count if you heard from your brother that his girlfriend’s ex-roomate’s boss has one! I have been watching some Asian pornographical movies and it seems nobody has over 5.5” NBP. These guys are professional porn stars also, so they are the cream of the crop. If this is the best those countries have to offer it is kinda sad. A slightly above avgerage penis would be a monster over there! I am starting to think the sterotype is true and it is discouraging. Does anybody have inspirational stories to cheer me up? =P

You might see it on a mixed race Asian/European guy but I doubt a fully Asian guy except Shaolin monks that swing weights attached to their cocks :-)

According to Sir Richard Francis Burton, famous 19th century explorer of land and esoteric sexual practices, Egyptians had the biggest penises. On the main point, I still think there is more of a cultural divide that contributes to the race/size perception. Well endowed blacks are more likely to pursue adult entertainment jobs and frequent prostitutes more than Asians who are more culturally inclined to study rocket science. Simple really.

I’m half Chinese/English and I’m only 5.25 inches. I think maybe the Asian blood in me is why after 3 months of PEing I haven’t increased in length or seen any real PIs or EQs (though I didn’t do my stretches right until 2 weeks shy of 3 months). Does that help with the Asian image being true?

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