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8 inch Chinese penis


I am a newbie to PE.actually havent started yet.

I am Chinese and 5`5” with erect 6.75”x5”
According to some threads I`ve read this is above average for a Chinese Dick (From other Chinese guys I know, 6.-6.5” is the average with us - small sample of 10 guys). Alot of stereotyping in threads about size of asian cocks. Probably makes some ppl feel better about their own size I guess. Your only as small or big as you think mentally thats the only important thing. Even if you’ve got an 8” you probably feel small cos your inthis website.

A couple of questions:

Apart from making your cock bigger (hopefully) Does it deform the skin so it’s actuall noticeable that you have done PE?

I read somewhere it can make you impotent. Is this true?

Pic of my natural erect dick.

So do you think I can get gains if I start doing PE now?

I will have to borrow a digi camera since I deleted the pics (it’s not the sort of jpg you want kept on a computer used by mum!).

One more question:

I’m a “grower” ( I hope thats the right term>?) I’m soft at 2.5”-3” approx. Therefore is it harder to make gains if ur a grower than someone have a 4-5” flaccid penis?



Just save the picture to your computer, upload it to the forum, then delete it from your computer. Also, it is “your” not “ur”.

Read the Start Here thread at the top of this forum. PE will possibly cause discoloration and if you go overboard you can have some temporary impotence. Best to take it slow and easy.

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Oh wow, never thought of it that way… poor black guy. Haha, it is true that I whine more than take action. It probably stems from the fact that asians see others as less hard working. The fact is that most asians don’t exert themselves as much as they think they do =p.

Originally Posted by Gladiator
Oh wow, never thought of it that way.. Poor black guy. Haha, it is true that I whine more than take action. It probably stems from the fact that asians see others as less hard working. The fact is that most asians don’t exert themselves as much as they think they do =p.

Jeez you have some major issues. Get a life.

I do believe there are exceptions within every race. I doubt highly that that asian basket ball star Yao Ming has a tiny pee pee.

Definitely a lot of stereotyping here. If you guys seriously believe it you’re gonna get a huge shock when western media stops dominating the rest of the world. There is no race -> penis coorelation. Read some graduate papers or something. And you’re listening to ASIAN GIRLS? Do you realize how self-hating most asian-americans are? Even 2 or three guys on this post said their small penis was representative of their race, even though I doubt they’ve seen that many other asian male penises in their life. Could you imagine a white guy with a 2 in penis go like, “I hate being white cause white people have small penises”?
This old fashioned racism makes me sick.

I just finished reading some of the threads in this section of the forum and I can’t believe that TODAY, in 2006, 21st centry.there are still people who actually believe in size by ethnicity crap. If only you guys would of read some of the dissertation papers made by grad students on social science and anthropology, you’d be much more educated. Anways, I’m gunna do you a favor and try to explain in english for you guys with the help of some copy and pasting =).

Medically speaking, men tend to have different flaccid penile states. Men born in hot climate places do not need to hide their penis from the cold, hence, during flaccid states, the penis does not go into the body as much. On the other end, men living cold climates must protect their penises so their penis goes into the body more when flaccid to protect the glandsfrom
The cold.

When the white masters of Europe brought slaves from the hot climate of Africa, working in hot climates in the South, white men were repulsed to the dark skinned, “uncivilized” slaves who involve themselves in tribal dances and culture. White men deemed them to be “monsters” at first. Then they noticed the difference in flaccid penile state and after putting the “monster” image to the slaves, they upped it with sexualized monster who will rape and steal. Hence, preventing and ostrasizing slaves from gaining rights and mixing with the white population. From Ecuadoreans to Malaysians, it could of been any hot climate dwelling people to receive such negative rep.

This is where it originated.

Continueing through equal rights movement

It all started with the social movement for equal rights. During the height of civil rights movement, all the groups that were treated unfairly banded together to fight the infrastructure of the power controlled by white men. These groups consists of women from the feminimist movement, ethnic minorities ( mostly black and a small group of native americans ), gay activists, and peace/environmental activists.

PUblicly, they bashed the white protestant male because the overly majority of the group who controls the power structure of America are in fact, white, protestant, and male. Hence, since the phallic symbolizes manhood, they wanted to bash it in an attempt to undermine these white men’s esteem. As a result, ethnic minorities ( mainly black and native american men ) are deemed big ( through slavery image ) and the white man was deemed small.

Beliefs are Easily Manipulated

Social psychologist named Asch performed an experiment to show the phenomonal of reality altering by group confirmation.
Basically what happened was that a new person joins a group of people and looks at a line of the same length. However, everyone in that group tries and keeps telling the new person that the lines are different in length. Fully 80 percent of all the new people joining the group agreed at least once, and actually perpetuate the different in length of the same length lines. He also did this with color. Therefore, to change a belief, facts are not required. Instead, the power of suggestion through vivd imagery, bold statements, and subtle insinuation can be remarkably effective.

Similarly, the effect of white male bashing during the height of the feminimist movement in order validate women, people of color, and anti-war movement all contributed to the penile myth of black men since men of other color were not around in big populations yet. Hence as far as penis size goes, it was pretty simple. Black men are big, white men are small because again, the phallic symbolizes and validates a WESTERN man’s self esteem.

Then as waves of immigrants from south america came over, white men cleverly redirected their “small size”position
Through power of media and “medical research” to the new-comers of south americans, mexicans, cubans.etc.
Hence for a while, it was black men, white men, and hispanic/cuban men. Now, the new-comers are of asian descedents. Hence, once again through the power of media/”controlled” research, America has shifted everyone up, and moved the new-comer immigrants ( asians ) to the bottom.

Hence, through the phenomonal of reality alteration by group confirmation, that is how the myths were attached by ethnicity. As shown by the experiment, people infuse themselves to actually believe that penis size are attributed to ethnicity.

Manipulated Research

Nearly 1/3 of university faculty members accept industry funding for their reserach. Once again, this creates an arm’s length relationship rarely seen by the public, allowing university faculty to speak on behalf of a corporations or industry group’s agenda. And in this agenda, the majority of the rulers of America are white men who simply do not like the myths of another group of men being more manly than they are. Through the power of the internet, these studies have been emphasized and pushed. Hence, there’s actually a lot of research done to alter the penis size “hierarchy”. One way they denounce what was originally provided by the feminists was that as far as the flaccid penis goes, black men are a bit longer simply because they come from hot climates, but as far as erections go, white men are bigger than all the other ethnicities simply because they have bigger bodies, and by reason of induction, Asians are smallest because our “average” body size tend to be smaller. Other “studies” have included made comparisons to feet size, hand size, nose size, height,.and other unrelated attributes in order “categorize” penis size, which they try to symbolically brands groups of people.

Bull shit.

As any primatologists would know, the gorillas are the biggest in the monkey family however, the Silverback male gorilla
Has an erection of 1.5 inches where as the chimpanzee, much smaller than the gorilla, has around 3 inches of erection. Furthermore, northern Chinese tend to be taller than southern Chinese. In Africa, hutus are short and stocky and tutsis are tall and slim. ( These physical differences exacerbated by the european “masters” in Africa is part of the reason why the Rwanda genocide has happened. ) The difference in different body types, body part sizes.etc, can be found through all the continents in the world.

Bottom line is obvious. The group of men in power keeps coming up with ridiculous “medical research” and “claims” to
Put other men of competition in place with unscientific and false claims. The effect of mass exposure through these
False claims have impacted the American society psychologically and thus, Asian men suffer without the chance to fight back. Similarly but on switched scale, Black men suffer as well. All this mess stems from a history of different groups of people fighting to gain or maintain power and more rights.

Bottom Line

Throughout the history, people of different cultures throughout different continents have believed in numerous things. From rain gods to kings with majestical powers, we tend to be controlled by our social conditioning. Simply put, the myths are symptoms of social and economical conflicts, reforms, and progress. Instead of bashing, we need to look at the big picture.

We humans have 99.99% of the same DNA. Saying ethnicity A on average is different than ethnicity B is analogous to me taking a JPEG, and resaving it with an application that has a compression degradation of 0.01%. Have you guys EVER SEEN one picture at 99.99% and 99.98%, and STILL TELL ME THERE’S A DIFFERENCE? You can’t. Why? Because people of ethnic groups are actually one people. We’re one race. One group that’s simply divided into different climate environments.

Numerous non-western studies where staff are involved in measuring keeps coming back to the conclusion that erection size varies among individuals instead of by ethnicity. The conclusive reports state that when shown the differences of erection measurements by ethnicity, the difference are too small to consider a legitimate difference and their ethnic test subjects keep switching places on the “penis hiearachy chart”. That is why western “researchers” can’t make a conclusion in an uncontrolled and public study of penis size by ethnicity because there will always be data that contradict their thesis. This is analogous to the intelligence by brain size claim by white men made in the late 1800s. It never received any credibility because the research was flawed in many ways.

Now a days, people in the porn industry ( actually some are funded by shady corporations with their agendas ) try to stimulate this racist hierarchy through porn with the use of camera angles, lighting tricks, female stars that average
4’11, and 5’6 male porn stars drugged out to the head. ( Read one of my previous post on how they do that. ) Hence stop the porn watching and start the real love making andn sexing with the girl you love.

So! We laugh at people living hundreds of years before us because they believed in such visions of gods and mystical powers. People hundreds of years in future will laugh at some of our beliefs, including this one. Stop bashing, start loving. Stop complaining about social advantages & disadvantages and start taking care of yourself. Be optimistic and
Instead of sulking at socially created stigmas, cut yourself away from it and start living a life of productivity.

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I have to disagree with much of what you have said here in this article. I believe eventually all the races will melt into one and racism will disappear. However, there are some significant differences between races and your post is not stating scientific facts. Please see the following link. Please note: This link although scientific in nature may offend some.…us&ct=clnk&cd=1

Never seen one.

I don’t think so I have seen some of the big guys from China. I mean 8” and possible above. I myself is 6”, 18 yo. So the porn is not the perfect representation, a mildly good one tho.

Originally Posted by Sytrus
I remember reading that due to the posture that humans have, the typical penis is gradually getting smaller to accommodate it. Even worse, because of our postures, woman are getting, shall we say, wider. If that’s true, this all makes sense. First of all, the eastern cultures led the world in technology for an incredibly long time in history, not to mention (partly due to lack of free economy in china) they are making quite a rapid rebirth in economy (china) and tech (japan)

This sounds a bit racist, but I assure you I am no more than my subconscious forces me. I just thought that perhaps this might go along well with the IQ comment. It makes sense.

It’s kind of funny at the same time. It’s a lot like woman tend to say, big penis small brain. Personally I’d take the smaller penis, then jelq my way up. Anywho.Yes.

I’d take bigger penis, and study to be wise.

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Unless there is something really important and revolutionary that you need to share with us, there is really no need to revive a 6 year old thread.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Okay let me tell you a small thing. I’ve lived in thailand, When I go to buy condom, The condom simply doesn’t fit, Very tight and very short. You can see my status to know my size. Here they have a stage show, Where some aisian guys play drums with their penis, For hours. All said its true 100% 10 inches penis. But you can’t touch them its forbidden. Even for the most sexiest woman on the planet. NO touch. But it looks so real. In fact its not. Just fake one. And we are talking about thailand. So what about china where every thing is fake 100%. In porn some guys have 7 8 inches But to make it bigger they use a simple camera trick. I’ve been with lots of asian and I asked a lot, Even the pharmacist If I can find a bigger condom. Automatically said no this is thai size. So having a small or big cock won’t make you a better or worst person. But chinese with 8 inches Is too good to be true. :)

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